PPSC General Knowledge from Previous Papers

PPSC General Knowledge from Previous Papers

General Knowledge Section 20%

1.Freetown’ is the capital of?

(A) Senegal

(B) Guinea

(C) Sierra Leoner

(D) Liberia

2.Which of the following country has no boundary with Syria?

(A) Iraq

(B) Iran

(C) Turkey

(D) Israel

3.The land of hospitality is


(B) Sindh

(C) Baluchistan

(D) Punjab

4.22 April is celebrated as:

(A) World Scout Day

(B) World Water Day

(C) World Earth Day

(D) World Environment Day

5.The first Nuclear Power Plant in Pakistan was established at

(A) Karachi

(B) Mianwali

(C) Peshawar

(D) Islamabad

6.The sixth population census was conducted in 2017 in Pakistan after:

(A) 10 years

(B) 15 years

(C) 19 years

(D) 25 years

7.Which is the 12″ month of the Islamic Year?

(A) Zilhaj

(B) Rajab

(C) Shawwal

(D) Muharram

8.How old was the Holy Prophet (PBUH) at the time of death of his mother?

(A) 3

(B) 6

(C) 7

(D) 3

9.Which Surah of the Holy Quran was the first to be revealed?

(A) Al Rahman

(B) Al Baqrah

(C) Al Alaq

(D) Al Falcha

10.Which was the tribe of Hazrat Abu Bakr (RA)

(A) Banu Hashim

(B) Banu Aus

(C) Banu Tamim

(D) Banu Khizraj

11.Human Rights Watch is head-quartered in

(A) Now York, USA

(B) Geneva, Switzerland

(C) Paris, France

(D) Washington DC,USA

12.Where was the Universal Declaration adopted?

(A) In Paris, France.

(B) Al Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

(C) At Geneva, Switzerland

(D) London, England

13.When is Human Rights Day observed?

(A) 31″ December

(B) 10 December of every year

(C) 10 December of every year

(D) 10 December of every year

14.The fundamental duties are included in the constitution by which of the following act?

(A) 40ih amendment act

(B) 44th amendment act

(C) 43rd amendment act

D) 42nd amendment act

15.The fundamental duties are mentioned in which of the following?

(A) Part-IVA

(B) Part-IV

(C) Part-III

(D) In schedule IV-A

16.A device that converts chemical energy into electrical energy is called:

(A) Television

(B) Generator


(D) Battery

17.Which of the following has the highest electrical conductivity?

(A) Wood

(B) Iron

(C) Steel

(D) Silver

18.A chemical solution contains 8% of acid. if there is 15mL of acid, what is the volume of the solution?

a) 125.5 mL

b) 187.5 mL

c) 225.5 mL

d) 171.5ml

19.What fractional part of a week is 98 hours?

A) 7/98

b) 7/12

C) 1/20

D) 1/7

20. Babar gave 15% of his baseball cards to Laeeq and 20% to Sarfraz. If he still had 520 cards, how many did he have originally?

a) 800

D) 720

c) 820

d) 600

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