MS Office Excel Power Point Electronic Record Keeping Internet E-mail Solved MCQS

MS Office Excel Power Point Electronic Record Keeping Internet E-mail Solved MCQS Past Papers for Sub Inspector Punjab Police PPSC Test

Computer/ IT Section 40%

61.Which of the following is not a type of chart?

(A) Pie-chart (8) Area chart

(C) T-graph (D) Line graph

62.Number of columns in MS-Excel 2007 are?

(A) 16,384 (B) 15,000

(C) 17,000 (D) 20,000

63.Printer is an example of?

(A) Soft copy (B) Hard copy _

(C) Photo copy (D) Ditto copy

64.To change text in italic form:

(A) Ctrl+I (B) Ctrl+B

(C) Ctrl+C (D) Ctrl+M

65.File Format used in Power Point?)

(A) Jpg (B) wav

(C) gif (D) All of these

66.Pressing F8 three times selects?

(A) Sentence

(B) Select the dialog box

(C) Change the margin

(D) All of these

67.”Header” and “Footer” is in?

(A} view menu (B) insert

(C} tool bar (D) home

68.The default name of document saved?

(A) documeht 1 (B) document 2

(C) document (D} All of these

69.Microsoft word is?

(A) document

(C) workbook

(B} cell

(D} all of these

70.How many types of page orientations?

(A) 3 (B) 5

(C) 2 (D) 1

71.Clipboard in home is used for?

(A) cut and paste (B} copy and paste

(C} storage of letters (D} none of these

72 . “Mail Merge” tab is in?

(A} Combining (B} Mailing

(C) Registers (D} None of these

73.Shortcut key for finding something?

(A) Ctrl+shift+F (B} Ctrl+F

(C} Shift+F (D) None of these

74.The minimum number of rows and columns in

MS word document is?

(A) 1 by 1 (B) 2 by 1

(C) 2 by 2 (D) 1 by 2

75.Maximum zoom percentage in power point?

(A) 200% (B) 300%

(C) 400% (D) 500%

76.. MS-Word Automatically save document after every?

(A) · 20 min. (B) 10 min.

(C). 30 min. (D) no specific time

77.Rows and columns intersect at?

(A} Style (B) Cell

(C) Content (D) Structure

78.To start Slideshow of a presentation?

(A) F5 (B} F3

(C) F8 (D} F9

79.Which of the following keystrokes updates ‘a

bibliography field?

(A} F3 (B) F5

(C} F7 (D) F9

80.DNS refers for?

(A} Data number sequence

(B) Digital number sequence

(C) Domain number sequence

(D) Domain name system

81.A common name for software errors is:

(A) Bugs (B) Trojans

(C) Logic bombs (D) Viruses

82. In computing, PDF stands for:

(A) Peripheral Device Front

(B) Portable Document Format

(C) Peripheral Document Format

(D) Portable Device Form

83.____ are instructions that tell a computer what to do.

(A) Input devices (B) Hardware

(C) Memory cards (D) Software

84.”Add or Remove programs” is a(an):

(A) Productivity software

(B) File manager ·

(C) Utility program

(D) Device driver

85.A computer virus is:

(A) A Micro organism

(B) Electromagnetic waves entering computer through a network

(C) A useful micro component of a computer

(D) A computer programme

86.Which key should be pressed to start a new paragraph in MS-Word?

(A) Down Cursor Key

(B) Enter Key

(C) Shift + Enter

(D) Ctrl + Enter

87.Shortcut Keys to switch to the next window is:

(A) Alt+ Tab (B) Shift+ Tab

(C) Alt+ Ctrl (D) Ctrl + Tab

88.In a Windows PC, CTRL + K in Microsoft Powerpoint is the shortcut for:

(A) Shifting

(B) Highlighting

(C) Dragging

(D) Inserting a hyperlink

89.In MS Word, which shortcut key is used to center the selected line?

(A) Ctrl + F (B) Ctrl + E

(C) Ctrl + M (D) Ctrl + D

90.ln MS Word 2016, which shortcut key is used to replace text or specific formatting?

(A) Ctrl + K (B) Ctrl + T

(C) Ctrl + H (D) Ctrl + Shift+ M

91.A File which contains readymade styles · that can be used for a presentation is called ?

(A) Auto Style (B) Wizard

(C) Template (D) Pre formatting

92.To search and view a Web page, the software used is ___ _

(A) Web

(B) World Wide Web

(C) Web Browser

(D) Search Engine

93.Which is the full form of Wi-Fi?

(A) Wireless Fidelity (B) Wired Fidelity

(C) Wireless Focus (D) Wireless Field

94. Common methods of Internet access by users include:

(A) Broadband over coaxial cable

(B)” Fiber optics or copper wires

(C) Wi-Fi

(D) All of these

95.Data that changes continuously and cannot have discrete values is called:

(A) Continuous Data (B) Analogue Data

(C) Both A and B (D) None of these

96. There are two different ways to insert content from one application into another i.e. embedding and ___ _

(A) Importing (B) Integrating

(C) Linking (D) Bookmarking

97.What is the name for a webpage select from following? address,

(A) Directory (B) Domain

(C) URL (D) Protocol

98.The first Mechanical Calculating Machine was invented by:

(A) William Oughtred

(B) Gottfried W. Leibniz

(C) Blaise Pascal

(D) Charles Babbage

99.Linux is a/an:

(A) Operating System

(8) Utility program

(C) Application Software

(D) Educational Software

100.In field of telecommunication. L TE stands for:

(A) Long Time Energy

(8) Low Term Evolution

(C) Long Term Evolution

(D) Life Time Evolution

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