CSS Syllabus Comparative Study of Major Religions

PAPER: COMPARATIVE STUDY OF MAJOR RELIGIONS (100 MARKS) Revised Syllabus for CSS Competitive Examination-2016 (Alternative Paper in Lieu of the Compulsory Islamic Studies) I. Introduction Definition(s) of religion Emergence of the study of religion as a discipline Theological and academic study of religion An overview of religious landscape of the World II. Hinduism Historical Background … Read more

CSS Examination New Revised Compulsory Optional Subjects Groups Marks

FEDERAL PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION (FPSC)ISLAMABAD REVISED SCHEME OF CSS COMPETITIVE EXAMINATION WRITTEN EXAMINATION (1200 MARKS) A: COMPULSORY SUBJECTS (600 MARKS) Code No. Subjects Marks 1. English Essay 100 2. English (Precis and Composition) 100 3. General Science & Ability 100 4. Current Affairs 100 5. Pakistan Affairs 100 6. Islamic Studies OR Comparative Study of … Read more

CSS Syllabus for Subjects of English Literature Persian Arabic Urdu

Group I:- (National and Foreign Languages) Subjects carrying not more than 200 marks can be opted. National/Foreign/Classical Languages: Not more than one of 4 subjects can be opted. Note: Urdu can not be combined with Regional Languages 1. English Literature 200 2. Urdu 200 3. Persian 200 4. Arabic 200 English Literature (Total Marks – … Read more