CSS Suggested Books for English Literature Books

  Title Author 1 After Strange Gods Eliot T. S. 2 A Guide to English Literature Ford, B. Pelican series 7 Vols. 3 Common Pursuit Leavis F. R. 4 D. H. Lawrence Leavis F. R. 5 Dickens, the Novelist Leavis F. R. 6 Gulliver and the Gentle Reader Rowson, C.J. 7 George Eliot: The Critical … Read more

CSS Books for International Relations

Title Author 1 International Politics K.J. Holsti 2. Politics among Nations Hans Morgenthan 3. World Politics: An Introduction James N. Rosenau 4. An Introduction to International Politics; Power and Justics Theodor Contobius and Thomas Wolfe 5. Contending Theories of International Relations Tames Dougherty 6. Issues in Global Politics Gavin Boyd 7. World Politics since 1945 … Read more

CSS Important Books for Law

 Law Title Author 1 Crminal Procedure Code Shaukat Mahmud 2 Law of Torts Choudhry, A. M. 3 Pakistan Panel Code Shaukat Mahmud 4 Qanun-e-Shahadat 1984 5 The Law of Contract Dr. M. A. Mannan 6 The Civil Procedure Code Aamir Raza   Constitutional Law     Title Author 1 Constitutin of Pakistan Monir, M. 2 … Read more

CSS Books of Agriculture Forestry Sociology Journalism

Agriculture Title Author 1 Agriculture in India Vol. I & II Kamar, L.S.S. 2 An Introduction to Tropical Agriculture Temporary H&D Grit, H. 3 A treatile in Horticulture Gilani, M.A. 4 An Introduction to Animal Husbandry King Black Well, J.O.L 5 Breading Field Crops Poehlman 6 Disease of Field Crops Dickenson, J.G. 7 Agricultural Insects, … Read more

Political Science Books for CSS Preparation

Political Science   Title Author 1 History of Muslim Philosophy M.M. Sharif Constitutional Development in Pakistan G.W. Choudhry Comparative Politics; A World View Almond & Powell Contemporary Political Analysis Garles Worth James Government & Parliament: A Survey from the Inside Herbert Morrison Government and Politics in Pakistan Mushtaq Ahmed History of Political Theory George H. … Read more