PPSC Sub Inspector Synonyms Antonyms Sentence Correction Completion One word substation and Idioms MCQS from Past Papers

PPSC Sub Inspector Synonyms Antonyms Sentence Correction Completion One word substation and Idioms MCQS from Past Papers download pdf practice tests for online preparation

21.Synonym of “Odour” is:

(A) Taste (B) Smell

(C) Colour (D) Texture

22.Complete the proverb: “Keep your friends

close and your enemies”

(A) Close (8) Closer

(C) Away (D) Apart

23.Please fill in the blank. “He gave his wife a large_-~– of flowers on her birthday.”

(A) Bundle (B) Pack

(C) Bouquet (D) Group

24.Fill in the blank: ” to London on the train yesterday.”

(A) Did Mary went (B) Did Mary go

(C) Mary go (D) Mary goes

25.Choose most “Cataclysm”: suitable synonym

(A) Tranquility  (B) Catastrophe

(C) Pungent (D) Trash

26.Choose the correct synonym: Haggard

(A) Healthy (B) Flabby

(C) Unworn (D) Exhausted

27.”You would have soon my garden at its best if you ____ here last week ”

(A) Be (B) Were

(C) Had been (D) Should be

28.Choose the·correct synonym: Conspicuous

(A) Discernible (B) Concealed

(C) Unclear (D) Obscure

29.The Antonym of ”FRUGAL” is?

(A) Funny (8) Simple

(C) Spendthrift (D) Economical

30.The Antonym of “AFFLUENCE” Is?

(A) Dearth (B) Trash

(C) Indignant (D) ~ungent

31.Antonym of “Jocular” is:

(A) Witty (B) Facetious

(C) Amusing (D) Solemn

32.What is the synonym of AMBIGUOUS?

(A) Limpid (B) Transparent

(C) Lurid (D) Unclear

33.He hath a wisdom that doth guide his:

(A) Fortune (B) Valour

(C) Bravery (D) Intention

34.What is the synonym of PROFANE?

(A) Irreverent

(B) Condescending

(c) Deign

(D) All of those

35.What is the synonym of HAUGHTY?

(A) Modest (B) humble

(C) Conceited (D) All of these

36.Please fill in the blank: “Mother is ___ _preparations for Eid.”

(A) Making (B) Doing

(C) Preparing (D) Working

37.He is knocking ————-the door.

(A) On (B) Of

(C) Over (D) At

38.Fill in the blank. He went ____ the direction of the post office.

(A) At (B) In

(C) To (D) Of

39.Take a leaf out of someone’s book means?

(A) To snatch something

(B) Imitate or emulate someone in particular way

(C) To cheat

(D) None of these

40.This work is beyond his~=-,——,-,-

(A) Capacity (8) Strength

(C) Worth (D) None of these

41.To give up smoking means?

(A) Stop smoking

(B) Arrange smoking

(C) Both a & b

(D) None of these

42.Don’t count your before they are hatched.

Complete the proverb.

(A) Quails (B) Sparrows

(C) Ducks (D) Chickens

43.Identify the closest meaning of underlined word. Only astute politicians can meet this situation.

(A) Wicked (B) Shrewd

(C) Corrupt (D) Honest

44.”JARGON” means:

(A) Rudimentary (B) Extraneous

(C) Terminology (D) Gibberish

45.Synonym of ACRIMONY:

(A) Pleasantness (B) Bitterness

(C) Conductivity (D) Harmoniously

46.Fill in the blank: There is no reason we

get up so early in the morning.

(A) When (B) Why

(C) Whom (D) Do why

47.Choose the incorrect spelling:

(A) Hallucinations (8) Reverberations

(C) Transpyre (D) Rejuvenation

48.Fill in the blank with suitable preposition: He will not apologize _ _ you for he did, as he is acted in good faith .

(A) to (B) for

(C) by (D) with

49.”At the drop of a hat” means:

(A) Immediately

(B) Without delay

(C) As a follow up of orders

(D) In a good moment

50.Complete the idiom: “To cast__ before swine”.

(A) Diamonds

(C) Gold

(B) Pearls

(D) Shadow

51.Complete the Proverb: “There is no Place like ”

(A) Home

(C) House

(B) Heaven

(D) Forest

52.He is a very good swimmer. The word very is:

(A) Noun (B) Adverb

(C) Adjective (D) Conjunction

53.His health has run———–

(A) Out (B) off

(C) Down (D) Riot

54.Opposite of Restive is

(A) Uneasy

(B) Calm

(D) None of these

(C) Thread

55.Fallacious means

(A) Correct  (B) Misleading

(C) Ruin  (D) None of these

56.Akbar will look absence. —- my work in my

(A) Into (B) for

(C) after (D) down upon

57.What is the meaning of the expression route”?

(A) On the way (8) By the way

(C) Difficult route (D) Familiar route

58.Antonym of “Static” is:

(A) Monotonous (B) Undeviating

(C) Mobile (D) Constant

59. Idiom “Burn the midnight oil” means:

(a) Counting yours days earning in the night

(b) Heat up a place to make it comfortable

(c) Stay awake or study late into the night

(d) Finish all the resources available

60.Choose the correct words from the options to complete the sentence correctly: Khalid is_ taller than Naveed.

(a) Not as tall but as

(b) As tall, if not

(c) As if not

(d) As tall as, if not

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