Everyday Science MCQs

Top Most Important Everyday Science mcqs Online Tests with Questions answers pdf free download for competitive exams, PPSC, FPSC, NTS and Quiz Competitions. General Science Entry Tests are prepared according to test standard of all testing services and public services competitive examinations.

Guidelines to Solve the Everyday Science Practice Test:

  • First Solve the Test on your register.
  • See the Answer and count your Score.
  • Comment us your Score.


General Science MCQS Practice Test-1 is consists of  25 questions. Each questions has four options,tick the correct option and than check answers at the end of the paper.


Everyday Science MCQS Practice Test-2 is also consists of 25 multiple choice questions related to science means basic science, all the questions are taken from past papers,first solve the paper and than see the answers at the end.


Basic Science Solved MCQS Test-3 has 50 solved mcqs questions. All the answers are in bold. these are very important questions for exams. for more papers and everyday science topics visit given below topics.

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