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Join Pak Navy English Test Pattern MCQS pdf download

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1. Choose the correct spelling of the word?
A. fual
B. fuel
C. fule
D. fuil


2. It _____ me a lot of money.
A. costs
B. cost
C. costed
D. is costing


3. Choose the correct spelling of the word
A. except
B. exept
C. axept
D. except


4. My mother, along with others, ___________ worried.
A. were
B. are
C. have
D. was


5. Twenty years _________ the minimum age to fill this form.
A. are
B. is
C. has
D. have


6. I bought ____________ umbrella to go out in the rain.
A. a
B. an
C. the
D. no article


7. I have already got a ______ at a hotel in Murree. We shall have no problems.
A. prescription
B. property
C. reserve
D. reservation


8. Which verb is NOT in the present tense?
A. She listened
B. She talks
C. She waits
D. She eats


9. Choose the correct sentence.
A. I did not accompanied them.
B. I do not accompanied them.
C. I do not accompany them
D. I does not accompany them.


10. Choose the correct spelling of the word
A. possesion
B. possession
C. posesion
D. possession


11. She will ______ her lesson for two months next week.
A. has learnt
B. have been learning
C. has been learning
D. has been learns


12. innumerable means
A. limited
B. weary
C. countless
D. harmless


13. identify type of sentence? How ridiculous this is!
A. Declarative
B. Imperative
C. Interrogative
D. Exclamatory


14. I _____________ a letter now.
A. write
B. writing
C. am writing
D. was writing


15. Which verb is NOT in the future tense?
A. He will go
B. he will eat
C. he will work
D. he eats


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