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1. Complete the series A2.5, B5, C7.5, _____?
A. D9
B. D10
C. D9.5
D. D45

Ans: B

2. Look at this series 14, 28, 20, 40, 32, 64. What number should come next?
A. 52
B. 56
C. 96
D. 128

Ans: B

3. Which word is the odd man out?
A. trivial
B. unimportant
C. important
D. insignificant

Ans: C

4. Measure is to calliper as direction is to?
A. Speed
B. Hiking
C. Needle
D. Compass

Ans: D

5. Discernible and Palpable have_____number of same letter?
A. 2
B. 3
C. 5
D. 4

Ans: B

6. A book cannot exist without?
A. Education
B. Teacher
C. Student
D. Pages

Ans: D

7. Which letter comes before G and after E?
A. B
B. C
C. F
D. D

Ans: C

8. Complete the series ACD, AGD, AJD, ____?

Ans: C

9. What should come next to Confound, Illiterate,Bewilder,_____?
A. Kind
B. Normal
C. Disable
D. Unlearned

Ans: D

10. Complete the series A2, B4, C8, D16, E?
A. 32
B. 34
C. 36
D. 38

Ans: A

11. Find the different one?
A. Mother
B. Sister
C. Aunt
D. Maid

Ans: D

12. From the following which word does not belong to the others?
A. Index
B. Book
C. Glossary
D. Chapter

Ans: B

13. A competition always has
A. Reward
B. Rivals
C. Spectators
D. Referee

Ans: B

14. CMM, EOO, GQQ,_______KUU

Ans: C

15. What comes next? 14,28,20,40,32,64,?
A. 52
B. 96
C. 128
D. 56

Ans: D

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