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1.Electric power is
A. rate of electric work done per unit time
B. voltage per unit time
C. electric charge per unit time
D. current per unit time


2.What is the duration of one cycle known as
A. period
B. cycle
C. instantaneous value
D. sin wave


3.The speed of sound in air is approximately:
A. 1500 m/s
B. 5000 m/s
C. 330 m/s
D. 50 m/s


4.Formula for Power is
B. P=V/I
C. p= V+I
D. p=VQ


5.In Thermodynamics zeroth law is related with
A. Work
B. Energy
C. Thermal equilibrium
D. Entropy


6.Acceleration of rolling object is zero at _________ point of hill
A. highest
B. lowest
C. middle
D. none of these


7.The voltage turn ratio of step down transformer is
A. 1:2
B. 1:3
C. 2:1
D. 2:5


8.Farad is defined as:….
A. newton / volt
B. coulomb / volt
C. coulomb / joule
D. coulomb / newton


9.A force of F = 20 + 10y N is acting in y direction, work done by this force to move the particle from y= 0 to y = 1m
A. 20 J
B. 15 J
C. 5 j
D. 25 J


10.What is the unit of frequency?
A. 1/Hertz
B. 1/ second^2
C. Second
D. Hertz


11.The secondary turns of which of the following transformers is always kept closed for ______ transformer
A. power
B. voltage
C. current
D. step down


12.Ten complete waves passes through a point in 2 seconds. If the wavelength is 20 cm, what is the speed of the wave?
A. 1 m/s
B. 10 cm/s
C. 2 m/s
D. 40 cm/s

Ans. A

13.Faraday’s law explains how electric field will interact with
A. electric field
B. magnetic field
C. battery
D. none of these

Ans. B

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