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Vocabulary, Grammar usage, Comprehension (50 Marks)

A. Select SYNONYMS of the following:
(A) Conceited (B) Humble (C) Progressive (D) None of these
(A) Intelligent (B) Energetic (C) Watchful (D) None of these
(A) Remunerate (B) Clear (C) Misappropriate (D) None of these
(A) Small (B) Short (C) Little (D) None of these
(A) Annul (B) Select (C) Neglect (D) None of these
(A) Polish (B) Sooth (C) Stain (D) None of these
(A) Scanty (B) Unnecessary (C) Essential (D) None of these
(A) Cause (B) Manner (C) Result (D) None of these
(A) Continue (B) Refrain (C) Refuse (D) None of these
(A) Serenity (B) Laxity (C) Active (D) None of these

B. Select ANTONYMS of the following:
(A) Calm (B) Pointed (C) Allow (D) None of these
(A) True (B) Defective (C) Incorrect (D) None of these
(A) Allow (B) Outlaw (C) Failure (D) None of these
(A) Hindmost (B) Unimportant (C) Disposed (D) None of these
(A) Defend (B) Deprive (C) Abandon (D) None of these
(A) Wonderful (B) Graceful (C) Ugly (D) None of these
(A) Soothing (B) Frightening (C) Scaring (D) None of these
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(A) Spaciously (B) Succinctly (C) Narrowly (D) None of these
59. ABLE
(A) Disable (B) Unable (C) Enable (D) None of these
(A) Forcible (B) Forceful (C) Weak (D) None of these

C. Select the correct option:
61. ‘The only son of the village lord died yesterday.’ In the sentence, the subject is:
(A) Son (B) The only son (C) The village lord (D) None of these
62. Which of the following sentence is CORRECT?
(A) I told my brother I would go with him only if he wants me to.
(B) I told my brother I would go with him only if he wants me.
(C) I told my brother I would go with him only if he wanted me to.
(D) None of these
63. Which of the following sentences is INCORRECT?
(A) I was given a red-coloured tie by one of my friends
(B) A red-coloured tie was give to me by one of my friends
(C) One of my friend gave me a red-coloured tie.
(D) None of these.
64. Which of the following sentences is INCORRECT?
(A) Although it rained a lot, they enjoyed themselves.
(B) It rained a lot, but they enjoyed themselves.
(C) Despite of the rain, they enjoyed themselves.
(D) None of these
65. Which of the following sentence is CORRECT?
(A) Why industry and academia should collaborate to work on their programs?
(B) Why academia and industry should work to collaborate on their programs?
(C) Why industry and academia should work for the collaboration on their programs?
(D) None of these

D. Read the paragraph and answer the questions that follow.
If you want to be a writer, you must learn to develop your own point of view. All good writers make us see things in a different light. You may be writing about the same thing as your classmates, but your presentation must reflect your personality and individuality. There are so many interesting subjects you can write about in different forms but here we will try to attempt writing short stories. There is a good
market for the following types: the humorous stories, the adventurous stories, the domestic stories, the mysteries and stories related to animals and strange experiences. Don’t worry if your story turns out to be short. Some of the best stories are quite short. Be very careful about the climax or end of the story. It must be what the reader fears, desires, expects or best of all doesn’t expect. So, get down to it. Think of a plot-make points on how the story will progress and pen it down.
66. The most important thing about being a writer is that:
(A) You must have a pen and paper (B) You must have a degree in writing
(C) You must have a painful heart (D) You must learn to develop your own point of view
67. The narrator advises the reader to write in order to:
(A) Earn a livelihood (B) Make him famous among his people
(C) Show his intelligence to others (D) Encourage him to become a writer
68. Most of the people like to read:
(A) Horror stories (B) Social stories
(C) Love stories (D) Humorous and adventurous stories
69. A successful writer’s presentation must reflect:
(A) His personality and individuality (B) His handwriting
(C) His showy nature (D) His superiority to others
70. The phrase ‘pen it down’ here means:
(A) To write (B) To writ (C) To throw the pen (D) To throw it down

E. Select the pair that best completes the sentence
71. The availability of oxygen is an essential _______ for animal life, while carbon dioxide is
equally _______ for plant life.
(A) choice, optional (B) duplication, selective
(C) luxury, harmful (D) None of these
72. Bachelor’s reputation as ________ novelist encouraged hopes that his political thriller
would offer more ________ characterizations than are usually found in the genre.
(A) a serious, subtle (B) a prolific, accurate
(C) a maturing, sweeping (D) None of these
73. The repeated breakdown of negotiations only _______ the view that the two sides were not
truly committed to the goal of _______ a military confrontation.
(A) established, escalating (B) reinforced, averting
(C) undermined, avoiding (D) None of these
74. To the ______ of those who in bygone years tiptoed their way past poinsettia displays for
fear of causing leaves to fall, breeders have developed more ______ versions of the flower.
(A) dismay, fragrant (B) relief, durable
(C) surprise, alluring (D) None of these
75. Fans who believe that the players’ motivations are not _______ would be _______ to learn
that they now charge for their signatures.
(A) self-serving, vindicated (B) atypical , disillusioned
(C) altruistic, unsurprised (D) None of these

F. Choose the Correct Option to Complete the Sentence.
(Answer to be marked in the Answer Sheet)
76. My brother was trembling ______ cold?
(A) from (B) with (C) of (D) by
77. Prime Minister has arrived ______ Peshawar?
(A) at (B) to (C) in (D) from
78. We congratulate you ______ your achievement?
(A) for (B) to (C) on (D) at
79. His application for a visa was turned ______ by the consulate. ?
(A) out (B) over (C) down (D) aside
80. She deprived her husband ______ all he had?
(A) with (B) to (C) of (D) from

G. Identify the Odd word
81. (A) Canteen (B) Dancer (C) Stage (D) Makeup
82. (A) Radium (B) Radio (C) Granite (D) Dynamite
83. (A) Chess (B) Engineer (C) Layout (D) Blueprint
84. (A) Petrol (B) Taxi (C) Cart (D) Driver
85. (A) Court (B) Radium (C) King (D) Palace

H. Select the correct option
86. Which of the following sentences is CORRECT?
(A) Payments can be made by cheque or in money
(B) We need a nice and quiet place for a picnic.
(C) We stopped by a large wood to admire the nature.
(D) None of these
87. Which of the following sentences uses ‘across’ as a preposition?
(A) Across the room, she see some old friends.
(B) My neighbour came across to see me this morning.
(C) The road was so busy that we found it difficult to get across.
(D) None of these
88. Which of the following sentences is correct?
(A) Despite of her sheer hard work, she failed.
(B) Though I am sick but I will go to office.
(C) Me and my friend often visit Islamabad.
(D) None of these
89. ‘The sky was overcast.’ The expression implies that:
(A) The sky was covered with clouds (B) The sky was shining brightly
(C) The sky seemed spread across the horizon. (D) None of these
90. ‘Wearing a helmet when you do any dangerous sport is important.’ In the sentence, the subject is:
(A) Helmet (B) You (C) Sport (D) None of these