FPSC PMT MCQS Test for CSS Syllabus Paper Distribution

CSS Preliminary Test CSS MPT Test and FPSC PMT MCQS Test for CSS Syllabus Paper Distribution Test Criteria and pattern.

Preliminary Test shall only be for the same year of competitive examination. Preliminary Test shall be conducted annually before written examination on the date as the Commission may decide. Qualifying threshold of the Preliminary Test shall be 33% marks.Preliminary Test shall be based on Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) of 200 marks with subject wise distribution as following:

1.Islamic studies. However, non-Muslims may opt either for civics and ethics or Islamic studies-20 Marks


2.Urdu, including its grammar usage and translation- 20 Marks


3.English, including its vocabulary, grammar usage and comprehension-50 Marks


4.General abilities, including basic arithmetic SSC level, algebra SSC level and geometry SSC level, logical problems solving and analytical abilities and mental abilities-60 Marks


5.General knowledge, including everyday science, current affairs and Pakistan affairs-50 Marks

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