NTS SBP State Bank of Pakistan OG-2 Sample Past Papers

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Pak Navy Sailor Initial Academic Test English MCQS pdf

Pak Navy Sailor Initial Academic Test English MCQS download pdf, Important English Verbs solved for Pak Sailor Academic Test

Questions: Choose the correct form of verb?

1. They always __________ back home late.
(a) comes (b) come (c) has come (d) came

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2. He __________ in the sun for one hour.
(a) has stood (b) is standing (c) has been standing (d) will stand

3. They __________ their breakfast after they had washed.
(a) took (b) taken (c) had taken (d) will take

4. He __________ to school every day.
(a) goes (b) went (c) gone (d) going

5. The baby __________ for milk now.
(a) cries (b) is crying (c) cried (d) will cry

6. The earth __________ around the sun.
(a) revolves (b) is revolving (c) will revolve (d) revolved

7. She __________ French for over the years.
(a) learns (b) is learning (c) has been learning (d) will be learning

8. She __________ her cat very much.
(a) loves (b) is loved (c) loved (d) was loved

9. I have not __________ you since Monday.
(a) sees (b) seeing (c) saw (d) seen

10. He __________ a letter two days ago.
(a) receives (b) will receive (c) received (d) was receiving

11. He had already __________ the letter.
(a) posts (b) posted (c) posting (d) been posting

12. The sun __________ in the West.
(a) set (b) sets (c) sat (d) sits

13. I have already __________ three cups of coffee.
(a) takes (b) took (c) taken (d) taking

14. My brother has not __________ to me for ten years.
(a) been writing (b) writes (c) wrote (d) written

15. He went home after he __________ his work.
(a) finish (b) finishes (c) finishing (d) had finished

16. I __________ this motor bike only a month ago.
(a) buys (b) bought (c) are buying (d) was buying

17. I had never __________ snow before I went to Murree.
(a) see (b) sees (c) saw (d) seen

18. You should __________ to sleep at ten.
(a) go (b) goes (c) went (d) gone

19. They have not been __________ anything since morning.
(a) eat (b) ate (c) eaten (d) eating

20. She __________ English now.
(a) speak (b) speaks (c) is speaking (d) spoken


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