Pak Navy Sailor Test Past Papers MCQS pdf download

Pak Navy Sailor Test Past Papers MCQS pdf download Online practice test intelligence test

1.What Will Come Next in Following Series?
20 25 23 28 26 31 29 34 ______?


Ans: B

2.Which Will Come Next in the Following Series ?
B D G k P________?

A. L
B. M
C. V
D. R
Ans: C

3.Light is to eye as sound is to?

A. Music
B. Tv
C. Speakers
D. Ear

Ans: D

4.Bed is To Sleep as Chair is to __________________?

A. Sit
B. Wood
C. Plastic
D. Metal

Ans: A

5.Kamal is Older than Jamal, Jamal is Older then Hussain, Hussain is Older then Waqar Who is the
Oldest ?

A. Jamal
B. Hussain
C. Kamal
D. Waqar

Ans: C

6.which Word Does Not belong to the List ?

A. Professor
B. Teacher
C. Lecturer
D. Doctor

Ans: D

7. Which one of the following is different from the rest?

B. Brother
C. Uncle
D. Mother

Ans: C

8.If a banana sells at Rs.5, what cost of 2 dozen banana?

A. 120
B. 10
C. 130
D. 20

Ans: A

9. . A tribe consisted of a man, his five wives, his seven daughters, his six sons and their wives each
son had two children how many members were there in the whole tribe?

A. 36
B. 37
C. 38
D. 34

Ans: B

10. A person who treats animals is called?

A. Doctor
B. Veterinary
C. Dispenser
D. Hakeem

Ans: B

11.What is different from the rest ?

A. Lahore
B. Karachi
C. Queta
D. Faisalabad

Ans: D

12.How long a car will take to cover a distance of 440 kilometers if its speed is 40 kilometers per
hour and it stop for 30 minutes on the way ?

A. 10.30 hrs
B. 11.30 hrs
C. 12.30 hrs
D. 09.30 hrs

Ans: A

Most Important MCQs Repeated for This Test