Computer Science Solved Notes of Class 7

36.Word shows the document information (total pages, words) on the_______bar.

a).Drawing b). Status c). Scroll d).Progress

37.Changing the width of the lines in a paragraph is know as________________.

a).Formatting b). Spacing c). Indentation d).Alignment

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38._________________ is used to positionthe text on a specific location.

a).Space b). Backspace c).Aero Keysd).Tab

39.___________is break is a point where current page ends and a new page begins.

a). Paragraph b).Page c).Section d).Line

40.A user can separate part of a document by using_______________ break.

a). Page b). Paragraph c). Section d).Line

41._____________ is amount of spaces between the text and edges of your paper.

a).Margin b).Alignment c). Border d).None of above

42.Soft page break is also known as __________ page break.

a).Hard b). Long c).Short d).Automatic

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43.____________ are next or pictures that appear behind the document text.

a).Page number b).Fonts c).Columns d).Watermarks

44. Always____________ a document before printing.

a). Preview b). View c).Write d).Read

45.______________ is the way in which textis placed between the margins of a page.

a).Numbering b). Pasting c).Watermark d).Alignment

46. A single page of presentation created in PowerPoint is called _____________.

a).Slide b). Media c).Text d).Slide Show

47.There are _______________ elements of multimedia.

a).Four b). Three c).Tow d).Five

48. The combination of lettersand numbers is known as___________________.

a).Alphabets b).Numbers c). Symbols d).Text

49. Cartoon movies are the example of __________________________.

a).Painting b).Animation c). Drawing d).Photograph

50. The digital representation of nontext information is called _______________.

a). Sound b).Video c).Graphics d).Animation

51.The movement of anobject is created by using ____________ technique.

a). Animation b).Presentation c).Motion d).Execution

52. The nameof the PowerPoint file is seen on the ________________________.

a). Menu b).Title c).Scroll d).Status

53.__________ is the keyboard shortcut key to create a new file in the PowerPoint.

a).Ctrl+N b).Ctrl+V c).Ctrl+C d).Ctrl+P

54. All slide layouts contain boxes with dotted borders called_____________.

a).Titleholder b).Placeholder c).Box holder d).Text holder

55. The presentation of all slides created in PowerPoint is called_______________.

a).Slide Design b). Slide view c).Slide Show d).Laser Show

56. Slide _________________ are the effects that determine how a slide moves in and

a).Animation b). Transition c).Layout d).Templates

57. In which Tab a user can find Slide Transition?

a).Home Tab b).Animation Tab c).Review Tab d). Design Tab

58. The list of animated effects that a user can apply to selected object onthe slide is

a). Smooth Animation b).Long Animation c).Slide Animation d).CustomAnimation

59. An orderly display of information using different media elements is known

a). Multimedia Presentation b). Animation c). Transition d).Layout

60. The arrangement of the objects onthe slide is known as slide________________.

a).Transition b).Show c). Design d).Layout

61. Sending and Receiving message and files electrically is known as_____________.

a). E-mail b).F-mail c).H-mail d).C-mail

62. Storage area or “mailbox” supplied by an e-mail service provider is called_______.

a). inbox b).Bank account c). E-mail account d).Commercial account

63.___________ is a unique namechosen by a user while creating an e-mail.

a).Login b). Password c). Subject d).Username

64. The name of the e-mail service provider comes after___________________.

a).$ b)[email protected] c).* d). #

65.Can two friends have samee-mail address?

a). yes b).No c). May be d).No idea

66.A user has to click on the __________ button to create a new e-mail account.

a).Sign on b).Sign out c). Sign in d).Sign up

67. Cc: stands for____________________.

a). Cat Copy b). Carbon Copy c). Cool Copy d).Can’t Copy

68.Incoming message are stored in a folder known as _______________.

a). Outbox b).Inbox c). Post Box d).Mail box

69. E-mail are arranged in inbox with respect to ___________________.

a).Names b).Date and timec).Client and Server d).Subject

70.All replied and send e-mail are stored in a___________________folder.

a). Drafts b).Inbox c). Sent d).Trash/Deleted

71.____________ folder is used to store the deleted e-mails.

a). Drafts b). Trash c). Sent d).Junk

72. All outgoing messages are stored in _____________ folder..

a). Inbox b). Deleted c). Sent d).Drafts

73._________________ means to close an e-mail account.

a). Sign up b). Delete c). Sign in d).Sign out

74. To answer a received e-mail is called ___________ an e-mail.

a). Read b). Reply c). Write d).Compose

75._____________ is a keyboard short cut key to compose ane-mail.

a). Ctrl+P b). Ctrl+C c). Ctrl+N d).Ctrl+X

1  B  26 A  51 A
2  D  27 D  52 B
3  C  28 B  53 A
4  A  29 B  54 B
5  C  30 B  55 C
6  A  31 B  56 B
7  B  32 C  57 D
8  B  33 C  58 D
9  B  34 A  59 A
10  A  35 A  60 D
11  B  36 B  61 A
12  A  37 C  62 C
13  B  38 D  63 D
14  A  39 B  64 B
15  D  40 C  65 B
16  C  41 A  66 D
17  C  42 D  67 B
18  C  43 D  68 B
19  B  44 A  69 B
20  A  45 D  70 C
21  B  46 A  71 B
22  A  47 D  72 C
23  B  48 D  73 D
24  D  49 B  74 B
25  C  50 C  75 C

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