PPSC Sample One Paper MCQs Test With Answers

PPSC Sample One Paper MCQs Test With Answers, Punjab Public Service Commission Lahore Online Preparation of One Paper Tests Examinations MCQs Type Questions download in pdf 1.Nicosia is the capital ...
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General Knowledge of Computer

General Knowledge of Computer

1.Pixel is short for
Picture element

2.Each computer on a network is called

3.Which is the most common LAN topology?

4.FDDI is a ———network

5.FTP stand for
File Transfer protocol

6.DSL stands for
Digital Subscriber Line

7.The top most layer of the OSI is called
Application layer

8.______uses light to transmit data
Fiber optic cable

9.CBT stands for
Computer Based Training

10.Which technology is used to read data on cheques

11.CAL stands for
Computer Aided Learning

12.The brain of computer is

13.Which memory is used to increase the speed
Cache momory

14.8 bytes are equall to
64 bites

15.McAfee is an

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KPPSC Lecturer Computer Science Repeated MCQS

KPPSC Lecturer Computer Science Repeated MCQS

1. IP stands for?
Internet Protocol

2. HTML stands for?
Hyper Text Markup Language

3.PHP stands for?
PHP Hypertext Preprocessor

4.Who is called father of PHP?
Rasmus Lerdorf

5.Who is called the father of C Language?
Dennis Ritchie

6.Who is called the father of Java Programming Language?
James Gosling

7.Which key in MS Word used to check spelling

8. What is extention of MS Word files?

9.Data processing is also called
Data Computing

10.Keyboard is a device

11.Arrow keys are also known as
Cursor Control Keys

12.Monitor is a device

13. Bit stands for
Binary digit

14.1 GB is equall to
1024 MB

15. CPU stands for
Central Processing Unit

MCQS on Computer in pdf

MCQS on Computer in pdf

1.Hard disk in a computer is a device

2.Who invented Digital Computer?
Howard Aiken

3.Which is biggest software company?

4.URL stands for
Uniform Resource Locator

5.WWW stands for
Worldwide Web

6.Which is most used search engine?

7.Monitor is also known as?

8.How many Bites make a byte
8 Bites

9.The process of erasing a disk is called

10.The shortcuts appears on desktop are called

11.Notepad is used for

12. A window can have states

13.The extention of a text file is

14.Encryption is done to protect
Data and Passwords

15.Window 2007 is an
Operating System

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