Computer Science Notes for Class 7

1. Physical part of a computer are known as___________.

a)Software b)Hardware c)Operating System d)Systemunit

2. ___________is a place where processing takes place.

a)Box b)CPU c)Monitor d)Systemunit

3. Processor is fixed on the________________.

a)Fan b)Chipboard c)Motherboard d)Expansion slot

4. There are___________types of memory.

a)Two b)Three c)One d)Four

5. A Processor acts like a/an__________________.

a)Heart b)Arm c)Brain d)Kidney

6. A Processor is also known as_____________.


7. Arithmetic operations are performed by______________.

a).LU b).AU c).ALU d).CU

8. Which of the following part of the CPU controls the sequence of the instructions?

a)AU b).CU c).Lu d).ALU

9. RAM stands for__________.

a).randomAccess Memory b).RandomAnalysis c).Read Able Memory

d).RandomAvailable Memory

10. ROM stores data___________.

a).Permanently b)Temporarily c)Partially d)Fully

11. Which of the following is the highest speed slot?


12. A video gameis played by using________________card.

a)Sound b)Modem c)Graphics d)Network information

13. Barcode Reader is a/an__________________device.

a)Output b)Input c)Display d)Storage

14. ____________is used in security system and criminal investigations.

a)Fingerprint Reader b)Robots c)Sound card d)Barcode Reader


15. ______________is also known as mechanical agent.

a).Computer b)barcode Reader c)Processor d)Robots

16.____________is the set of instruction given to the computer to perform a specific

a). Monitor b).Hardware c). Software d).Printer

17.________________ creates a link between a user and the computer.

a).Device Driver b)Utilities c) Operating Systemd).Image Viewer

18._______________ is the most famous type of Operating Systemfor personal

a). Linux b). Unix c). Microsoft Windows d).Mac OS

19.A system software that helps Operating System to communicate with a device is

a). Operating systemb). Device Driver c). Utility d).Graphics Software

20.___________is a programthat allows a user to analyze and maintain a computer.

a). Utility b). Device Driver c). Widows XP d).MS office

21.Windowsexplorer serves as a____________________________.

a). SystemManager b). File Manager c). Web Browser d).Device Manager

22.________is a utility programthat provides a facility to view and manage images.

a).Image Viewer b).Text Viewer c). systemViewer d).File Viewer

23. Disk scanner in windows is known as ______________________.

a). Disk cleanout b). Disk Cleanup c).Disk cleaning d).Disk Defragmenter

24.A computer software that helps users todo a specific task on a computer is known

a).systemsoftware     b).Ms office software

c).Anti-virus software d).Application software

25.________________ software are used to learn a particular skill.

a).Graphics b).Multimedia c).Educational d).Reference

26. Computer games is an example of _____________________software.

a).Entertainment b).ExamPreparation c). Reference d).System

27.Encyclopedia is an example of ___________________software.

a).Entertainment b).Educational c).productivity d)Reference

28. ___________is a renowned composing software.

a).MS PowerPoint b).MS Word c).Typing tutor d). Adobe Photoshop

29. ________software are used to create visual presentations.

a)Graphics. b).Multimedia c).MS Paint d).MS Excel

30. Whena computer starts, operating systemchecks all the ___________and loads

their drivers so a user can work properly.

a).Programb).Devices c).Drivers d).Network

31. Word is a type of _________________software.

a).Systemb).Application c).Utility d).Device Driver

32. ________view is the best way to see the work in Word.

a).outline b).Draft c).Print Layout d).Full Screen Reading

33. A user can view different areas of along document by_______a document.

a).Clipping b).breaking c).Splitting d).cutting

34. Delete key deletes letters from the ________________________ side.

a).Right b).Up c). Down d).Left

35.Undo feature is used to ___________________last change made in the document.

a). Discard b). Store c). Update d).Save


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