Computer Science Notes of Class 6

Q. No.1.   Computer Word is taken from the word__________
(a)  Compute  (b)  Calculation
(c)  Component  (d)  Compare
Q. No.2.  A Computer is an _____________ machine.
(a)  Mechanical  (b)  Electronic
(c)  Chemical  (d)  Biological
Q. No.3.  Computer Accepts ____________ to performs Calculations.
(a)  Data  (b)  Information
(c)  a & b  (d)  None
Q. No.4.  Computer performs Calculation with very High ____________.
(a)  Speed  (b)  Velocity
(c)  Tolerance  (d)  None
Q. No.5.  Data is a Collection of raw ____________.
(a)  Facts and Figures   (b)  Information
(c)  a & b  (d)  None
Q. No.6.  Computers are available in ____________shapes and sizes.
(a)  1   (b)  2
(c)  3  (d)  different
Q. No.7.  Information is the processed or ____________data that is understandable by a person.
(a)  Meaningful   (b)  Meaningless
(c)  a & b  (d)  None
Q. No.8.  Process is any action that is performed on ____________to convert it in to information.
(a)  Data  (b)  Process Data
(c)  Information  (d)  None
Q. No.9.  Computers have High____________.
(a)  Power of Remembering   (b)  Speed
(c)  a & b  (d)  None
Q. No.10.  The Basic input device is ____________.
(a)  Keyboard   (b)  Mouse
(c)  Camera  (d)  None
Q. No.11.  The Physical parts of the computer that we can see and touch are known as ____________.
(a)  Hardware   (b)  Software
(c)  a & b  (d)  None
Q. No.12.  Software is a set of ____________.
(a)  Instructions  (b)  Programs
(c)  a & b  (d)  None
Q. No.13.  Computer after processing produce ____________ result.
(a)  Accurate  (b)  Wrong
(c)  a & b  (d)  None
Q. No.14.  Input device are used to enter ____________ into the computer.
(a)  Data  (b)  Information
(c)  a & b  (d)  None
Q. No.15.  Keyboard is known as most common ____________ device.
(a)  Input  (b)  Output
(c)  Communication  (d)  None
Q. No.16.  Scanner is used as an ____________device to enter printed documents into the computer.
(a)  Output  (b)  Input
(c)  a & b  (d)  None
Q. No.17.  ____________ performs all types of processing on data to produce results.
(a)  Processor  (b)  Microphone
(c)  Keyboard  (d)  None
Q. No.18.  Processor is also known as ____________.
(a)  Main board   (b)  Keyboard
(c)  Mouse  (d)  CPU
Q. No.19.  Central Processing Unit is the main unit which locate____________.
(a)  Inside Computer   (b)  Outside Computer
(c)  a & b  (d)  None
Q. No.20.  The information obtained from the computer after processing is ____________.
(a)  Result   (b)  Processed Data
(c)  Output  (d)  All of These
Q. No.21.   The main circuit board inside the system unit is also known as ____________.
(a)  Motherboard   (b)  System board
(c)  Main board  (d)  All of These
Q. No.22.   The Brain of the computer is ____________.
(a)  Motherboard   (b)  CPU
(c)  Keyboard  (d)  Monitor
Q. No.23.   The Storage devices are used to ____________data and programs permanently.
(a)  Keep   (b)  store
(c)  Keep & store  (d)  None
Q. No.24.   USB is stand for ____________.
(a)  Universal Serial Bus   (b)  Unique Serial Bus
(c)  Undefined Serial Bus  (d)  Unusable Serial Bus
Q. No.25.   The Soft plastic made storage devices are ____________.
(a)  CD and Hard Disk   (b)  CD and USB Flash Memory
(c)  CD and DVD   (d)  None
Q. No.26.   The Most commonly used output device is ____________.
(a)  Monitor   (b)  Speaker
(c)  Printer   (d)  None
Q. No.27.   The VDU (Video Display Unit) is a term used for ____________.
(a)  Monitor   (b)  Scanner
(c)  Printer   (d)  Speaker
Q. No.28.   Computer fellows the following ____________operations for its working.
(a)  3(Three)   (b)  2 (Two)
(c)  4 (Four)  (d)  5 (Five)
Q. No.29.   Sound is entering by using the ____________ into the computer.
(a)  Microphone   (b)  digital Camera
(c)  Scanner  (d)  Keyboard
Q. No.30.   Speaker is a kind of ____________ device which produces sound output.
(a)  Input   (b)  Output
(c)  Communication  (d)  None
Q. No.31.   Hard disk is a ____________ storage device.
(a)  Permanent   (b)  Temporarily
(c)  a & b  (d)  None
Q. No.32.   Magnetic plates are used to store data in ____________.
(a)  Floppy Disk   (b)  Hard Disk
(c)  Compact Disk  (d)  Digital Versatile Disk
Q. No.33.   Storage devices perform ____________.
(a)  Storage Operation   (b)  Input Operation
(c)  Output Operation  (d)  Processing Operation
Q. No.34.   Modem is a ____________device.
(a)  Storage   (b)  Communication
(c)  Output   (d)  Input
Q. No.35.   The System unit is called the ____________ of the computer.
(a)  Main Unit   (b)  Input Unit
(c)  Output Unit  (d)  None
Q. No.36.   Windows is a ____________.
(a)  Operating System   (b)  Utility System
(c)  Financial System  (d)  None
Q. No.37.   User name is a ____________name identifying a user.
(a)  Common    (b)  Unique name
(c)  a & b  (d)  None
Q. No.38.   The First screen that appears when the computer is turned on is known as ____________.
(a)  Desktop    (b)  Notification Area
(c)  Taskbar  (d)  None
Q. No.39.   The Small pictorial object that represents a program is known as ____________.
(a)  Desktop    (b)  Icon
(c)  Taskbar  (d)  None
Q. No.40.   The Icons that located on the desktop are known as ____________.
(a)  Desktop Icon   (b)  Quick Access Icon
(c)  Folder‘s Icon  (d)  None

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