Botany Cell Biology Genetics and Evolution MCQs Objective Papers

Botany Cell Biology Genetics and Evolution MCQs Objective Papers

Q. 1. Fill in the blanks
Please fill in the blanks with appropriate terms/words

i.   ___________can take place in haploid and in diploid cells in all parts of the body.

ii.   A condition in which the organisms have more than complete sets of chromosomes is called____________.

iii.   The study of transfer of hereditary characters from parent to offspring is called______________.

iv.   A gamete without any sex chromosome is called _____________ gamete.

v.  Linked genes can be separated by _____________.

vi.  RNA polymerase can initiate transcription at specific DNA sequence called_____________.

vii.  All the chemical reactions taking place within a cell are collectively called_____________.

viii.  The covalent bond between two monosaccharides  is called______________.

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ix.   Acylglycerols are composed of glycerol and_____________.

x.  Transfer of genetic material from one bacterium to another is called_____________.

xi.  Recombinant DNA is introduced into the host cell by means of a_____________.

xii.  Glyoxisomes are most abundant in plant _____________ storage tissues.

xiii.  The preservation of gene pool is called_____________.

xiv.  _____________ is the part of the gene that will become a part of final mature RNA.

xv.  _____________reduces the chances of genetic recombination and variations among

xvi.  The double helical structure was first discovered by_____________.

Q. 2. True or False statements

i.     Chloroplast and mitochondria do not have hereditary material.  T  F

ii.     The nuclear membrane is actually a nuclear envelope composed of three membranes.T  F

iii.     Genes are the units of inheritance.  T  F

iv.     The position of gene on the chromosome is called its locus.  T  F

v.    The cross in which one trait is followed at a time is called dihybrid cross.T  F

vi.    Random mating occurs in natural populations.   T  F

Q. 3. Multiple Choice Questions

i. Nucleic acids are polymers of units called:
a. Nucleotides
b. Fatty acids
c. Amino acids
d. Isoprenoid units

ii. A cell consists of three major components which are nucleus, cytoplasm and:
a. Mitochondria
b. Cell plasma membrane
c. Protoplast
d. Chloroplast

iii. Translocation  is an example of:
a. Chromosomal structural aberrations
b. Point mutation
c. Transcription
d. Polysome

iv. Mendel’s hereditary  factors have been given the name of:
a. Units
b. Elementens
c. Genes
d. Representatives

v. Green colour blindness is called:
a. Protanopia
b. Deuteranopia
c. Greenopia

vi. Which of the following are nonsense codons?

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