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Botany Important MCQs Objective Plant Systematics Anatomy and Development

Botany Important MCQs Objective Plant Systematics Anatomy and Development

Q. 1 Fill in the blanks

i. An annual green small sized plant is called _________________.

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ii. The condition in which stamens consist of fused anthers and filaments is

iii. The ripened ovary containing seeds is called _______________.

iv. The indehiscent, many -seeded flashy fruit in which mesocarp and endocarp
forms pulp is called ________________.

v. The process of deposition of suberin is called _____________.

vi. ______________ are non-living conducting tissues.

vii. Vascular bundles having cambium between xylem and phloem are called
_______ type.

viii. The type of inflorescence in family Euphorbiaceae is

ix. The process of cytokinesis is initiated by the formation of
______________________ in plants.

x. The fruit of Apple is ______________ type of fleshy fruits.

xi. Secondary growth includes the formation of secondary vascular tissues and

xii. The endodermis in the absorbing region of roots is characterized by the
presence of ________________.

xiii. The chamber of a bordered pit is connected with the _______________
through the pit canal.

xiv. Fibres and sclereids are two types of ________________ cells.

xv. Cutin together with its embedded waxes forms the _______________.

xvi. The vacuole in plant cells is bounded by cytoplasmic membrane

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Q. 2. True or False statements

i The unisexual spike with a large and membranous bract is called strobilus.T F

ii Sunflower has two types of small flowers, disc florets and ray florets.T F

iii The replum remains attached to the pedicle. It is the characteristic of fruit of the family Leguminosae.T F

iv Pyrus malus is an example of family Brassicaceae. T F

v Pectic substances in cell walls are polymers of uronic acid. T F

vi The pit membrane of bordered pit develops an oval thickening in the middle. It is called torus.T F

Q. 3 Multiple Choice Questions

i. According to the Linneaus system which of the following class stamens are fused to their carpels:
a. Polygamia
b. Cryptogamia
c. Gynandria
d. Syngenesia

ii. The crystalline aggregate of cellulose molecules are:
a. Microfibrils
b. Micelles
c. Macrofibrils
d. Plasmodesmata

iii. The condition in which one or more sepals form a long hollow tube is:
a. Globose
b. Bilabiate
c. Hooded
d. Spurred

iv. Which of the following bract enclose spikelet?
a. Lema
b. Palae
c. Glume
d. Leafy

v. Fruit of mustard is:
a. Legume
b. Siliqua
c. Follicle
d. Silicule

vi. Cambium is usually absent in:
a. Monocot
b. Dicot
c. Gymnosperm
d. None

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