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Botany Physiology and Ecology MCQs Past Questions Objective Papers

Botany Physiology and Ecology MCQs Past Questions Objective Papers

Q. 1. Fill in the blanks
Please fill in the blanks with appropriate terms/words

i. Temporary stage of decreased metabolism and growth rate is called ————————.

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ii. A condition during which layers of soil are permanently saturated is called —————-.

iii. ———————–and ——————— of soil surface by any physical agency is known
as erosion.

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iv. Breakdown of any ———————————- material is respiration.

v. —————————— cells are functionally associated with the sieve elements of
phloem in angiosperms.

vi. The enzymes are often referred to as biological ——————————–.

vii. Growth / flowering response of plants to low temperature treatment is called ——————————————.

viii. First stable product of photosynthesis in C3 plants is —————————.

ix. The plant cells shrink due to——————————- in hypertonic environment.

x. Activities in plants are regulated by —————————–.

xi. —————————- are ultimate parent material for soil.

xii. Total biomass in autotrophs is ———————– productivity.

xiii. Plant and animals constitute the ———————– component of ecosystem.

xiv. The part of species confined in certain area makes up its——————-.

xv. Murree hills are occupied by the plants predominantly belonging to ———————–.

xvi. Enzymes do affect reaction rate, what they do not affect is ——————————-.

Q. 2. True or False statements
Please select true or false statement by encircling ‘T’ or ‘F’ as appropriate
vii. Growth movements involve gain or loss of water in pulvinus. T F
viii. Mg and Fe both are used to synthesize the phytal tail in chlorophyll. T F
ix. Loss of water from the surface of plant is transpiration. T F
x. Wind as a factor, causes splash erosion. T F
xi. Disintegration of rocks by plants is physical weathering. T F
xii. Alkaline sodic soils predominantly contain potassium, aluminum
and sodium. T F

Q. 3. Multiple Choice Questions
Please encircle the appropriate letter (a, b, c or d) of the correct answer.
vii) The study of a single population and its interaction with the environment is called
e) Ecology
f) Autecology
g) Synecology
h) lithology
viii) In a food chain, the amount of energy, from the base to the top always
e) increases
f) decreases
g) varies
h) remains the same
ix) The species at the verge of extinction are
e) Endangered
f) Threatened
g) Extinct
h) Extant
x) The only living cells in xylem are
e) Parenchyma
f) Vessels
g) Tracheids
h) Fibers
xi) Inside the plant body water always moves via —————– pathway
e) Apoplast
f) Symplast
g) Vacuolar
h) a, b, and c are correct
xii) The pigment involved in photoperiodism is
e) Cytochromes
f) Carotenoids
g) Phytochromes
h) Chlorophylls

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