Unit-12 Simple Easy Questions Answers 10th English

Unit 12: Population Growth and World Food Supplies Simple Easy Questions Answers 10th English

Questions Answers from Text Book Exercise

1. Which areas are most affected by incessant growth in population?

Answer: The developing countries are the most affected areas by incessant growth in population.

2. Why are developing countries going to suffer more due to over population?

Answer: Because population in these countries is increasing greatly and economic condition is also poor.

3. What is the major cause of food shortages and malnutrition?

Answer: The shortage of fertile land and over population are the major causes of food shortages and malnutrition.

4. How are water resources under great stress?

Answer: Due to over population, water resources are under great stress.

5. What is the effect of depletion of fossil energy?

Answer: The effect of depletion of fossil energy is that the fuel prices are rising everywhere.

6. What is the limitation of improved technology?

Answer: The limitation of improved technology is that it cannot produce natural resources.

7. How can sufficient food supply be made possible for the future generation?

Answer: By saving natural resources and controlling over population.

8. What strategies should be adopted for safe future?

Answer: We should protect natural resources and control the fast growing population.

Questions Answers from Lesson

1. What does the word “depleted” mean?

Answer: It means consumed.

2. Do you also face shortage of water in your locality? Why?

Answer: Yes, we are facing shortage of water due to poor water management system.

3. How is fossil energy a finite source?

Answer: Because we cannot increase or produce it.

4. What other word you can use to replace “optimum”?

Answer: It can be replaced by the words like best or prime.

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