Important Pair of Words and Preposition for Class 10th

Important Pairs of Words

Accept- I accept your proposal. Except-All were present except Ali.

Access-I have no access to him. Excess-Excess of every thing is bad.

Advice- He gave me a piece of advice. Advise-I advise you to work hard.

Altar- A goat was brought to the altar. Alter- I cannot alter my decision

Angel- I saw an angel last night. Angle- A triangle has three angles.

Bale- He bought two bales of cotton. Bail-He was released on bail.

Bare- He went out bare footed. Bear- I saw a bear in the forest.

Berth- The berth of the car is comfortable. Birth- What is your date of birth?

Break- Do not break this cup. Brake- The brake of my car is out of work.

Cattle- The cattle are grazing in the field. Kettle- Please put the kettle on the fire.

Cell- He was thrown in a cell. Sell- He sells books.

Course- our English course is difficult. Coarse- Do not wear coarse clothes.

Dear- He is dear to me. Deer- I saw a deer in the zoo.

Diary- Where is your diary book? Dairy- He is the owner of a dairy farm.

Dew- Dew drops look like pearls. Due- I cannot come to school due to fever.

Die- He died of fever. Dye- Please dye my coat.

Dose- Give me a dose of medicine. Doze- He was dozing in the class.

Dual- This is a dual plastic sheet. Duel-They fought a duel.

Fare- What is railway fare from here to Lahore? Fair- He went to a fair.

Feet- I have two feet. Feat- We saw many feats in the fair.

Flour- He is the owner of a flour mill. Floor- Do not spite on the floor.

Idol- He is idol worshipper. Idle- He is idle and lazy.

Later- I will come later. Letter- He writes a letter.

Lion- I saw a lion. Loin- He has a thin loin.

Liar- He is a liar boy. Lawyer- My father is a lawyer.

Male- We have no male member. Mail- Please send him this letter by mail.

Marry- She married a doctor. Merry- They are making merry.

Meat- We eat meat. Meet- I will meet you soon.

Piece- Give me a piece of meat. Peace- We should live with peace.

Pray- We should pray to God. Prey- The hawk is a bird of prey.

Pore- There are many pores in our body. Pour- Pour some water in this jug.

Principal- our principal is an honest man. Principle- He is a man of principles.

Profit- Profit and lose go side by side. Prophet- Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) is our prophet.

Quiet- Please keep quiet. Quite- I am quite well.

Rain- It is raining. Reign- Reign of Akbar was good.

Right- Tick the right answers. Write- He writes a letter.

Root- This tree has long roots. Route- This is a short route to the school.

Sail- The ship sails in the sea. Sale- This house is for sale.

Story- It is an interesting story. Storey- This building has one storey.

Tale- This is an Interesting tale. Tail- Dog has a long tail.

Teem- This forest teems with birds. Team- Our team won the match.

Waste- Do not waste your time. Waist- He has a thin waist.

Way- This is a short way to the school. Weigh- He weighs 500 pounds.

Weak- He is very weak and thin. Week- I will come next week.


Important Prepositions

Absent from, Access to, Act upon, Accused of, Addicted to, Agree with, Afraid of, Angry with, Answer to, Apply for, Approve of, Ashamed of, Assure of, Attend to, Avail of, Aware of, Back up, Bark at, Bear with, Belong to, blind of, beware of, Break up, Care of, Close to, Comply with, Confident of, Consist of, Dear to, Deliver to, Die of, from, Dream of, Due to, Excess of, Equal to, Famous for, Fond of, Full of, Hope of, Ignorant of, Inferior to, Inform of, Invite to, Lame of, Kind to, Made of, Pity for, Pray to, Prefer to, Proud of, Refer to, Relate to, Stand by, Trust in, Victory over, Warn of, Wonder at, Zeal of,

10th Class Simple English Essays of A Cricket Match A Hockey Match A Visit to a Historical Place

9- A cricket Match

                         A cricket match was being played between Raja Club and Moon Club on this Sunday. It was a one day match consists of 15 over. I am very fond of cricket. I did not want to miss such an interesting match. I went to the stadium at 9 a.m. The stadium was full of men, women and children. The players of the both teams were in high spirits. The players of both teams were present already in the ground. . Both the teams were strong. The teams were playing with great zeal and zest.

Raja Club won the toss and decided to bat first. They played well. They had lost only three wickets. They scored 150 runs. After lunch the match again started. The players of Moon Club were ready to play. The openers showed good bating and scored 120. Then one after another player came to raise the score of their team. At last Moon Club won the match by 7 wickets. They were very happy. The match ended at 3 p.m. The captain of Moon Club was declared the man of the match. I enjoyed very much. Then I returned to home in the evening.


10- A Hockey Match


                         A Hockey match was being played between Raja Club and Moon Club on this Sunday. I am very fond of Hockey. I did not want to miss such an interesting match. I went to the stadium at 9 a.m. The stadium was full of men, women and children. The players of the both teams were in high spirits. The players of both teams were present already in the ground. Both the teams were strong. The teams were playing with great zeal and zest.

The referee whistled and the match started. Both the teams fought well. Neither team could score a goal in the first half. The second half was a good one. Raja Club earned a penalty corner and scored a goal. Moon Club players tried their best to make a goal but they could not make a goal. So Raja Club won the match by one goal. They were very happy over their victory. It was an interesting match. I enjoyed very much.

 My School/My Ambition/My aim in Life Essays

11- A Visit to a Historical Place/ A Picnic Party/ My Happiest Day/


                                  Last Sunday the weather was very fine and charming. I am very fond of to visit historical places. My family decided to go to Jahangir’s Tomb. The tomb of Jahangir is situated at Shahdara Lahore. We reached there by car. We were very happy. We entered the tomb from the main gate. The building of the tomb is very grand and beautiful. The walls had coloured designs. There was a big garden in front of the building. Tall and shady trees stood here and there. There were eight fountains standing in a square round the table.

The four marble minarets with their small domes looked very beautiful. There was a gate in each of the four walls. The flour was made of marble tiles of many colours. It was wonderful piece of work. It was a very beautiful place. We sat down to eat some fruits and sweets. We enjoyed very much. It was a happiest day of my life. I can not forget this day. Then we returned to home before evening.

English Essays of My school My hobby My Aim in Life or My Ambition

6-My School


I read in a Govt.High School. It is situated near my village. It has a beautiful and grand building. There is a beautiful small park in front of the building. It has a large boundary wall with two main gates. It has thirty rooms. All the rooms are airy and decorated with pictures and charts. There is a big hall in our school for examinations and debates. There is one room for headmaster office and one for clerk. There is also a staff room for staff. It has also a big science laboratory. Our school computer lab is very good.

School library has a large and fine collection of books on every topic. There are two large playgrounds for games. Most of the students take part in the games. All the teachers of the school are highly educated. All the teachers are kind and hardworking. All the students respect their teachers very much. Our headmaster is an able and hardworking man. He works day and night for the development of the school. My school shows good results every year. I am proud of my school. It is my second home place. I like it very much.

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7- My Hobby

Any thing we do in our spare time is called our hobby. Hobbies are of different kinds. Almost every person has his own hobby. Gardening, stamp collecting, music, movies and cycling are some hobbies. But my favourite hobby is book reading. I have a small library in my house. I have managed a separate room for this purpose. Library room is fully decorated and furnished. My library is consists of three hundred books. I have a big collection of books on every topic. Islamic History, Urdu and Science are my favourite subjects, so I have a big collection of books on these topics. I have bought all these books with my pocket money.

Instead of wasting money in other activities, I buy books. I read them in my spare time. I keep them neat and clean. I also ask my friends to read these books. Some my friends come to my home daily to read books. Books provide us both knowledge and pleasure. Therefore I like my hobby very much. Book reading is far better than other hobbies. My younger brothers and sisters also help me in book collecting. I am proud of my hobby. I advise every body for such a good activity.

8- My Ambition / My Aim in Life


Everyone has some great or small aim in life. Aim is very important in life. It is like a guiding star. Different people have different ambitions. I have also a high ambition in life. My ambition in life is to spread knowledge in each part of my country. So, I have decided to become a teacher. Teaching is a noble profession. Teacher is a noble and respectable member of society. He serves the nation and makes it strong through knowledge. All the progress of the world is due to knowledge. The holy prophet expressed importance of the teacher and education many times in his addresses.

I do not want fame, wealth and popularity in life. I am fond of reading and teaching. I will devote my life in doing this work. I will work hard to achieve my aim. For this purpose I read good books and participate in educational activities. Inshah allah, I will get my aim in life with honesty, justice and truth. As we know that teaching is the profession of the holy prophet, I am proud of my ambition. I advise every one for such a good ambition in life.