Unit-11 English 10th Answers of Questions

Unit 11: Great Expectations Unit-11 English 10th Answers of Questions

Questions Answers from Text Book Exercise

1. Who looked after Pip after the death of his parents?

Answer: His sister and her husband looked after Pip after the death of his parents.

2. Who was Joe? How did he treat Pip?

Answer: Joe was husband of his sister. He was kind to Pip.

3. Why did Pip give food and drink to the prisoner?

Answer: He gave food and drink to the prisoner as an act of kindness.

4. What happened to the prisoner?

Answer: The prisoner was recaptured by the police.

5. Why did the prisoner support Pip?

Answer: He supported Pip as Pip had helped him.

6. What happened to the prisoners’ wealth after his death?

Answer: After the prisoner’s death, all his wealth was occupied by the government.

7. Do you know a person who achieved success in life through his hard work?

Answer: Yes, I myself have achieved success through hard work. And also I know other such persons.

Questions Answers from Lesson

1. Have you read any novel by Charles Dickens?

Answer: Yes, I have read a novel “A Tale of Two Cities” by Charles Dickens.

2. What kind of boy was Pip?

Answer: Pip was a kind and hardworking boy. He was a lonely orphan.

3. What changed Pip’s life?

Answer: Education changed his life.

4. How did Pip become a successful businessman?

Answer: He became a successful businessman through his hard work and determination.

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