HEC HAT-UG-M Physics Solved MCQs Sample Past Papers

HEC HAT-UG-M Physics Solved MCQs Sample Past Papers

1. The continuous spectrum of X-ray is formed due to:
A) Characteristics of X-rays C) Soft X-ray
B) Bremsstrahlung X-ray  D) Hard X-ray
2. Wavelength of γ-rays is:
A) Equal to the X-rays
B) Longer to the X-rays
C) Shorter to the X-rays
D) Boarder to the X-rays
3. Thorium is transformed after the transmission of β-particle into:
A) Bismuth C) Polonium
B) Protactinium D) Palladium
4. Emission of γ-rays from radioactive element results into:
A) Bismuth C) Polonium
B) Protactinium D) Palladium
5. Radioisotope which is used to combat cancer of thyroid gland is:
A) Iodine-131 C) Strontium-90
B) Phosphorous-32 D) Cobalt-60
6. Sodium-24 is used for:
A) Sterilization
B) Study of circulation of blood
C) Skin Cancer
D) Thyroid Cancer
7. Energy radiation absorbed at the rate of one joule per kilogram is called:
A) 1 Rad  C) 1 Yellow
B) 1 Sievert  D) 1 Gray
8. A man in elevator ascending with an acceleration will conclude that his weight is:
A) Increased C) Reduced to zero
B) Decreased D) Remain Constant
9. If we double the moment arm the value of torque becomes:
A) Half C) Two-times
B) Three-times D) Four-times
10. When fluid is incompressible, the quantity is constant is:
A) Mass C) Pressure
B) Density D) Force
11. The minimum distance from the eye at which an object appears to be distant is:
A) 25 cm C) 35 cm
B) 22 cm D) 20 cm
12. Using the relation for the magnifying power Lo, M = 1 + d/f, if f = 5 cm and d = 25 cm then M
will be:
A) 5 C) 6
B) 7 D) 8
13. The red shift measurement of Doppler effect of galaxies indicate that the universe is:
A) Expanding C) Stationary
B) Contracting D) Oscillating
14. Frequency audible range to human hearing lies in the range:
A) 2-2000 kHz C) 20-20000 Hz
B) 15-50000 kHz D) 20-20000 kHz
15. Tuning a radio is a best example of:
A) Natural resonance
B) Mechanical resonance
C) Free resonance
D) Electrical resonance
16. The ratio of applied stress to the volumetric strain is called:
A) Bulk Modulus C) Tensile modulus
B) Shear Modulus D) Young’s Modulus
17. The wire made of copper belong to which specific kind of material:
A) Ductile material C) Brittle material
B) Tough material D) Deformed material
18. If a turbine is working as a heat engine and takes that from hot body (427 °C) and exhausts
into a body at 77 °C then what is the possible efficiency?
A) 50% C) 90%
B) 70% D) 95%
19. Which one of the following is the Boolean expression of NAND gate?
A) X = A.B C) X = A.B
B) X = A + B D) X = A + B
20. If the length, width and separation between the plates of a parallel plate capacitor is doubled
then its capacitance becomes:
A) Double C) Four-times
B) HalfD) Eight-times
21.Resistance between two opposite faces of square thin film of area 1 mm2 having thickness of
1 μm if resistivity of material is 10-6 Ω will be:
A) 1000 Ω C) 1 Ω
B) 100 Ω D) 10 Ω
22.  If we doubled all the parameters of the force acting on current carrying conductor and θ = 90°
then magnetic force becomes:
A) Half C) Eight-times
B) Double D) Four-times
23. The force acting on current carrying conductor will be maximum if the angle between magnetic
field and conductor is:
A) 0°C) 90°
B) 30°D) 60°
24. Which one of the following gas is the lasing or active medium in the laser tube?
A) Hydrogen C) Neon
B) HeliumD) Carbon dioxide
25. The target of X-ray tube is made up of which metal?
A) Iron C) Brass
B) Nickel D) Tungsten
26. The X-rays consists of:
A) High energy proton
B) High energy electrons
C) High energy γ-rays
D) High energy photons
27. In Bernoulli’s equation the term 1/2 ρv2 is called:
A) K.E. per unit volume
B) K.E.
C) K.E. per unit area
D) K.E. per unit length
28. Potential energy per unit volume is given by:
A) mgh
   Mgh B) ρ
C) gh
D) ρgh
29. The rapid escape of air from a burst tyre is an example of:
A) Adiabatic processes C) Cooling process
B) Isothermal processD) First law of thermodynamics
30. Which relation exactly described the isothermal process?
A) Q = W C) Q = ̶ ΔU
B) W = ̶ ΔU D) Q = ΔU + W

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