Chemistry Multiple Choice Questions Answers MCQs for HEC ETC HAT Test UG-M

Chemistry Multiple Choice Questions Answers MCQs for HEC ETC HAT Test UG-M
1. In the formation of Zwitter ion which one of the following donates the proton?
B) NH2 D) OHˉ
2. Which one of the following is simplest amino acid?
A) Lysine C) Alanine
B) Leucine D) Glycine
3. Which one of the following polymer is called as Nylon 6,6?
A) Polyester C) Polyamide
B) Polyvinyl chloride D) Polyvinyl acetate
4. Which one of the following is an exact composition of a carbohydrates?
A) Carbon and Hydrogen C) Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen
B) Carbon and Oxygen D) Hydrogen and Oxygen
5. Which one of the following nitrogen base is NOT present in DNA?
A) Adenine C) Uracil
B) Guanine D) Cytosine
6. In the woody parts of trees, the %age of cellulose is:
A) 50% C) 30%
B) 10% D) 100%
7. In laboratory experiment an unknown compound was added in test tube containing iodine, the colour became intense blue. What could be the unknown compound?
A) Cellulose C) Ribose
B) Raffinose D) Starch
8. The gas which is mainly produced in landfills from the waste is:
A) CH4 C) SO2
B) CO2 D) Cl2
9. The substance for the separation of isotopes is firstly converted into the:
A) Neutral state C) Vapour state
B) Free state D) Charged state
10. The number of moles of CO2 which contain 8.00 gm of oxygen is:
A) 0.75 C) 0.25
B) 1.50 D) 1.00
11. London dispersion forces are the only forces present among the:
A) Molecules of H2O in liquid state C) Atoms of helium in gaseous state at high temperature
B) Molecules of HCl gas D) Molecules of solid chlorine
12. Electrical conductivity of graphite is greater in one direction that in other due to:
A) Isomorphism C) Anisotropy
B) Cleavage plane D) Symmetry
13. Freezing point will also be defined as that temperature at which its solid and liquid phases have the same:
A) Concentration C) Vapour pressure
B) Ratio between the particles D) Attraction between the phases
14. What mass of NaOH is present in 0.5 mol of sodium hydroxide?
A) 40 gm C) 15 gm
B) 2.5 gm D) 20 gm
15. Value of Ksp for PbSO4 system at 25 °C is equal to:
A) 1.6 x 10-5 mol2dm-6 C) 1.6 x 10-8 mol2dm-6
B) 1.6 x 10-6 mol2dm-6 D) 1.6 x 10-7 mol2dm-6
16. The rate constant ‘k’ is 0.693 min-1. The half-life for the 1st order reaction will be:
A) 1 min C) 0.693 min
B) 2 min D) 4 min
17. Melting points of group II-A elements are higher than those of group I-A because:
A) Atoms of II-A elements have smaller size C) Atoms of II-A elements provide two binding electrons
B) II-A elements are more reactive D) I-A elements have smaller atomic radius
18. Which halogen molecule ‘X2’ has lowest dissociation energy?
A) Cl2 C) I2
B) Br2 D) F2
19. The anomalous electronic configuration shown by chromium and copper among 3-d series of elements is due to:
A) Colour of ions of these metals C) Stability associated with this configuration
B) Variable oxidation states of metals D) Complex formation tendency of metals
20. Which element of 3d series of periodic table shows the electronic configuration of 3d6, 4s2?
A) Copper C) Zinc
B) Cobalt D) Nickel
21. The %age of nitrogen in ammonium nitrate is:
A) 46% C) 33%
B) 82% D) 13%
22. Which one of the following is anhydride of sulphuric acid?
A) Sulphur (II) oxide C) Iron pyrite
B) Sulphur (VI) oxide D) Sulphur (VI) oxide
23. Which one of the following is NOT a nucleophile:
A) NH2ˉ C) BF3
B) H2O D) CH3ˉ
24. Which one of the following is an appropriate indication of positive iodoform test?
A) Formation of H2O C) Brick red precipitate
B) Release of H2 gas D) Yellow crystal
25. Which one of the following reaction of carboxylic acid is reversible?
A) Esterification C) Reaction with PCl5
B) Salt formation D) Reaction with SOCl2
26. When acid is added to an amino acid, which one of the following will act as a base?
A) NH3+ C) H+
B) COOˉ D) R group
27. The average bond energy of C-Br is:
A) 228 kJmol-1
B) 200 kJmol-1
C) 250 kJmol-1
D) 290 kJmol-1
28. Human blood maintains its pH between:
A) 6.50 – 7.00
B) 7.20 – 7.25
C) 7.50 – 7.55
D) 7.35 – 7.40
29. Which one of the following test is given by both aldehyde and ketone?
A) Silver mirror test C) 2, 4 DNPH test
B) Fehling’s solution test D) Benedict’s solution test
Which one of the following will act as a catalyst in above reaction?
A) HNO3 C) Acidified potassium dichromate
B) H2SO4 D) SOCl2

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