ETC Entry Test Solved Chemistry MCQs Past Papers HAT-UG-E HAT-UG-M

ETC Entry Test Solved Chemistry MCQs Past Papers HAT-UG-E HAT-UG-M

1.Which one of the following is simplest amino acid?

A) Lysine C) Alanine

B) Leucine D) Glycine

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2. Which one of the following polymer is called as Nylon 6,6?

A) Polyester C) Polyamide

B) Polyvinyl chloride D) Polyvinyl acetate


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3.Which one of the following is an exact composition of a carbohydrates?

A) Carbon and Hydrogen C) Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen

B) Carbon and Oxygen D) Hydrogen and Oxygen


4.Which one of the following nitrogen base is NOT present in DNA?

A) Adenine C) Uracil

B) Guanine D) Cytosine


5.The substance for the separation of isotopes is firstly converted into the:

A) Neutral state C) Vapour state

B) Free state D) Charged state


6.The number of moles of CO2 which contain 8.00 gm of oxygen is:

A) 0.75 C) 0.25

B) 1.50 D) 1.00


7.London dispersion forces are the only forces present among the:

A) Molecules of H2O in liquid state C) Atoms of helium in gaseous state at high temperature B)      Molecules of HCl gas            D) Molecules of solid chlorine


8.Electrical conductivity of graphite is greater in one direction that in other due to:

A) Isomorphism C) Anisotropy

B) Cleavage plane D) Symmetry


9.The ionic radius of fluoride ion is:

A) 72 pm C) 136 pm

B) 95 pm D) 157 pm


10.2NaOH(aq) + Cl2(g) NaCl + NaClO + H2O proceed at:

A) 500 °C C) -10 °C

B) 200 °C D) 15 °C


11.Which halogen molecule ‘X2’ has lowest dissociation energy?

A) Cl2 C) I2

B) Br2 D) F2


12.When acid is added to an amino acid, which one of the following will act as a base?

A) NH3+ C) H+

B) COOˉ D) R group


13.2A + B Product

If the reactant ‘B’ is in excess, the order of reaction with respect to ‘A’ in given rate law,     Rate = k[A]2[B] is:

A) 2nd order reaction C) Pseudo 1st order reaction

B) 1st order reaction D) 3rd order reaction


14.The rate constant ‘k’ is 0.693 min-1. The half-life for the 1st order reaction will be:

A) 1 min C) 0.693 min

B) 2 min D) 4 min


15.Melting points of group II-A elements are higher than those of group I-A because:

A) Atoms of II-A elements have smaller size C) Atoms of II-A elements provide two binding electrons B)     II-A elements are more reactive       D) I-A elements have smaller atomic radius


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