Biology Solved MCQs Past Paper Pattern for HEC ETC HAT-UG-M Admission Test

Biology Solved MCQs Past Paper Pattern for HEC ETC HAT-UG-M Admission Test
Solved Multiple Choice Questions Answers Test
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1. Part of hind brain responsible for the balance and equilibrium of body is called:
A) Medulla C) Pons
B) Cerebellum D) Thalamus
2. Events of menustral cycle are regulated by the:
A) Ethylene C) Auxins
B) Gonadotrophins D) Gibberellins
3. Decrease of FSH and increase of estrogen cause pituitary gland to secrete:
A) Somatotropin C) Testosterone
B) Luteinizing Hormone D) Spermatogonium
4.Transmission of Neisseria gonorrhea is best described by which one of the following?
A) Oro-fecal Route C) Vector Borne
B) Unsafe Sex D) Droplet Infection
5. Syphilis is caused by:
A) Spirochete
B) Nostoc
C) Water blooms
D) Cyanobacteria
6. AIDS is caused by:
A) Bacteria
B) Virus
C) Fungi
D) Alga
7. Brain is protected and enclosed in:
A) Lumbar vertebrae
B) Coccyx
C) Vertebral column
D) Cranium
8. Longest bone in the human skeleton is:
A) Ulna
B) Fibula
C) Tibia
D) Femur
9. Hips and shoulder joints are examples of:
A) Hinge Joints
B) Ball and Socket Joints
C) Synovial Joints
D) Cartilaginous Joints
10. In pelvic region of human bosy, sacrum is formed by the fusion of:
A) 4 Vertebrae C) 6 Vertebrae
B) 5 Vertebrae D) 3 Vertebrae
11. Each muscle fibre is surrounded by a modified cell membrance called:
A) Sarcolemma C) Myosin Filament
B) Sarcomere D) Myofilament
12.__________ hormone is antagonistic to insulin and causes increase in blood glucose level.
A) Glucagon C) Calcitonin
B) Nor-epinephrine D) Thyroxine
13. Beta cells of islets of Langerhans produce _________ hormone.
A) Glucagon C) Pancreatic Juice
B) Insulin D) Parathormone
14. The central portion of adrenal gland (Adrenal Medulla) produces ________ hormone.
A) Aldosterone C) Androgen
B) Epinephrine D) Corticosterone
15. __________ hormones are called fight and flight hormones as they prepare an organism to face
stressful situation.
A) Adrenaline, Aldosterone C) Cortisone, Oxytocin
B) Epinephrine, Nor-epinephrine D) Thyroxine, Nor-epinephrine
16. B-cells release antibodies in blood plasma, tissue fluid and lymph. This kind of immune response is called:
A) Cell Mediated Response C) Active Response
B) Humoral Response D) Compound Response
17. The type of immunity in which antibodies are passed from one individual to another is called:
A) Passive Immunity C) Natural Active Immunity
B) Artificial Active Immunity D) Humoral Immunity
18. To combat the active infections of tetanus, rabies and snakes the _______ method of
immunization is used:
A) Active C) Active Artificial
B) Humoral D) Passive
19. In antibody molecule, two heavy and two light chains are bonded by:
A) Disulphide Bond C) Hydrogen Bond
B) Monosulphide Bond D) Ionic Bond
20. Variable amino acid sequences in antibody molecule are found in ________.
A) Both light chains only C) One heavy and one light chain
B) Both heavy chains only D) Both heavy and light chains
21. Each ________ consists of a light gathering antenna complex and reaction center.
A) Chlorophyll C) Photon
B) Photosystem D) Electron
22. Photosystem I has chlorophyll a molecules which absorb maximum light of:
A) 680 nm C) 700 nm
B) 780 nm D) 580 nm
23. Cyclic flow or C4 photosynthesis produces:
A) ATP and CO2
C) Only CO2
D) Only Oxygen
24. Immediate product formed after CO2 fixation in Calvin Cycle is:
A) Unstable 6-carbon compound C) Unstable 4-carbon compound
B) Unstable 5-carbon compound D) Unstable 3-carbon compound m
25. Functional group of chlorophyll a is:
A) —CH3
D) —OH
26. The modified plasmid or phage DNA is called:
A) Clone DNA
B) Recombinant DNA
27. The rapid exchange of materials through carrier proteins across the plasma membrane is called:
A) Passive Diffusion C) Endocytosis
B) Active Transport D) Facilitated Diffusion
28. The inner membrane of mitochondria form extensive infoldings called:
A) Cristae C) Lamella
B) Cisternae D) Bifidae
29. Which one of the following organelle is found in both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells?
A) Centriole C) Nucleus
B) Endoplasmic Reticulum D) Ribosome
30. The compounds which on hydrolysis yield polyhydroxy aldehyde or ketone subunits are:
A) Lipids C) Polynucleotides
B) Proteins D) Carbohydrates
31. Waxes are formed by combination of fatty acids with:
A) Alcohol C) Serine
B) Glycerol D) Cysteine
32. An enzyme required Mg++ to catalyze the substrate. The Mg++ is best identified as:
A) Prosthetic group C) Co-enzyme
B) Activator D) Inhibitor
33. According to _________ model the active site of enzyme is modified as the substrate interacts with enzyme.
A) Induced fit C) Emil Fischer
B) Lock and Key D) Fluid Mosaic
34. Taenia is an endoparasite of human, pig and cattle which belongs to phylum.
A) Cnidaria C) Annelida
B) Aschelminthes D) Platyhelminthes
35. Body of _________ consists of segments called proglottis which contains mainly sex organs.
A) Planaria C) Fasciola
B) Ascaris D) Tapeworm
36. __________ is a common parasite of the intestine of human and pig which belongs to phylum nematode.
A) Taenia solanum C) Ascaris lumbriocoides
B) Schistosoma D) Fasciola hepatica
37. In radial symmetry all body parts are arranged around the central axis. Radial symmetry
represents __________ mode of life.
A) Sessile C) Active
B) Streamlined D) Parasitic
38. Pseudo-coelomates have a body cavity but it is not true coelom. Which one of the following is included in the group.
A) Planaria C) Earthworm
B) Tapeworm D) Ascaris
39. Digestion of __________ starts in oral cavity due to the action of enzyme present in saliva.
A) Starch C) Fatty Acids
B) Cellulose D) Polypeptides
40. Food enters from stomach into small intestine through:
A) Pyloric Sphincter C) Semilunar valve
B) Cardiac Sphincter D) Diaphragm

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