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ETC Entry Test Solved Physics MCQs Past Papers HAT

ETC Entry Test Solved Physics MCQs Past Papers HAT-UG-E HAT-UG-M HAT-UG-CS HAT-UG-GS

1.The wire made of copper belong to which specific kind of material:

A) Ductile material C) Brittle material

B) Tough material D) Deformed material


2.The continuous spectrum of X-ray is formed due to:

A) Characteristics of X-rays C) Soft X-ray

B) Bremsstrahlung X-ray D) Hard X-ray

Ans. B

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3.Wavelength of γ-rays is:

A) Equal to the X-rays C) Shorter to the X-rays

B) Longer to the X-rays D) Boarder to the X-rays

Ans. C

4.Thorium is transformed after the transmission of β-particle into:

A) Bismuth C) Polonium

B) Protactinium D) Palladium

Ans. B

5.Emission of γ-rays from radioactive element results into:

A) Bismuth C) Polonium

B) Protactinium D) Palladium


6.The ratio of applied stress to the volumetric strain is called:

A) Bulk Modulus C) Tensile modulus

B) Shear Modulus D) Young’s Modulus


7.Radioisotope which is used to combat cancer of thyroid gland is:

A) Iodine-131 C) Strontium-90

B) Phosphorous-32 D) Cobalt-60

Ans. A

8.Sodium-24 is used for:

A) Sterilization C) Skin Cancer

B) Study of circulation of blood D) Thyroid Cancer

Ans. B

9.Energy radiation absorbed at the rate of one joule per kilogram is called:

A) 1 Rad C) 1 Yellow

B) 1 Sievert D) 1 Gray

Ans. D

10.Tuning a radio is a best example of:

A) Natural resonance

C) Free resonance

B) Mechanical resonance D) Electrical resonance

Ans. D

11.The unit for electric charge is Coulomb and one Coulomb in terms of base unit is equivalent to:

A) Am C) As

B) Js-1 D) C

Ans. C

12.A man in elevator ascending with an acceleration will conclude that his weight is:

A) Increased C) Reduced to zero

B) Decreased D) Remain Constant

Ans. A

13.If we double the moment arm the value of torque becomes:

A) Half C) Two-times

B) Three-times D) Four-times

Ans. C

14.When fluid is incompressible, the quantity is constant is:

A) Mass C) Pressure

B) Density D) Force


15.The minimum distance from the eye at which an object appears to be distant is:

A) 25 cm C) 35 cm

B) 22 cm D) 20 cm


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