Geography MCQs Quiz Solved Questions Answers Practice

Geography MCQs Quiz Solved Questions Answers Practice

(1) Ordnance maps were first made in:
Seventeenth Century

(2) The largest scale maps are generally known as:
Cadastral maps
(3) Largest Desert among the following:
Arabian Desert

(4) Isle of Wight is situated in:
English Channel

(5) Tirana is the capital of:
(6) Marble is a:
Metamorphic rock

(7) Yardang is produced by:
(8) Limestone is a:
Sedimentary rock

(9) The material thrown out during an eruption is:

(10) The cold air mass is:
Conditionally unstable
(11) The port of Gwadar guards:
Strait of Hormuz

(12) Among the Southwest Asian countries the exporter of wheat is:
Saudi Arabia
(13) “Rub-ul-Khali” desert is located in:
Saudi Arabia

(14) White Nile and Blue Nile, two branches of the river Nile converge at:


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