CSS Suggested Books for English Literature Books

1After Strange GodsEliot T. S.
2A Guide to English LiteratureFord, B. Pelican series 7 Vols.
3Common PursuitLeavis F. R.
4D. H. LawrenceLeavis F. R.
5Dickens, the NovelistLeavis F. R.
6Gulliver and the Gentle ReaderRowson, C.J.
7George Eliot: The Critical HeritageCarol D. (ed)
8History of English LiteratureLegouis and Cazamian
9History of English LiteratureHudson
10Hardy, The NovelistCecil, D.
11Hardy; The Critical HeritageCox, R.G. (ed)
12In Memorium in Essay Ancient and ModernEliot, T.S.
13LawrenceKermode, F.
14Romantic PoetryAbrahams, M.H.
15Robert BrowningAmstrange, J. (ed)
16SwiftSteel, P. Preacher and Jester
17Shakespeare’s Later Comedies; An anthology of Modern CriticismPalmer, D.J. (ed)
18The World of SwiftVickers, B. (ed)
19The Art of SwiftProbyn, C.T.
20The Dark Sun, a study of LawrenceHough, Graham
21The Love Ethics of LawrenceSilk, M.
22The Lonely Tower Studies in the Poetry of YeatsHenna, T.R.
23The Last RomanticsHough, G.
24The Wheel of FireKnight, G. Willson
25The 19th Century BackgroundBasil Willey
26The Great TraditionLeavis, F.R
27The Odes of KeatsHolloway, T. Camb
28TennysonRicks, C.
29Tennyson: The Critical HeritageJump, J.D.
30The Poetry of BrowningDrew, P.
31Use of Poetry and Use of CriticismEliot, T.S.
3220th Century ViewsAbrahams, M.H.
33The Romantics ImageKermode, F.
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