NTS SBP State Bank of Pakistan OG-2 Sample Past Papers

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Lecturer Computer Science MCQs Sample Past Papers

Past Papers Practice Tests Lecturer Computer Science, Lecturer Computer Science MCQs Sample Past Papers

1. Global variables are created in

2. How many computer generations till today

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3.IBM-370 is a
Mainframe Computer

4.PRIME is an example of
Mini Computer

5.Hard copy is used to describe
Printed output

6. MS-DOS was developed in

7.The first operating system was developed in year

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8.What is the maximum data capacity of STP

9.E-commerce stands for
Electronic Commerce

10. The function of an OP code is
to instruct the CPU

11.A database record is broken down into

12.DOS is stands for
Disk Operating System

13.GUI stands for
Graphical User Interface

14.What is other name of mini computer
Notebook Computer

15.OCR stands for
Optical Character recognition

16.Control Unit is the part of

17.ROM store data

18.Internet Explorer was first introduced in

19.What is letter paper size
8.5*11 inches

20.World Wide Web established in

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