Lecturer Statistics Solved MCQS Past Papers pdf

Lecturer Statistics Solved MCQS Past Papers pdf for kppsc and ppsc exams test preparation 1.Sampling is a. A. Formula B. Result C. Variable D. Technique ANSWER: D 2.The numerical value calculated from population data is called. A. Statistic B. Parameter C. Estimate D. Estimation ANSWER: B 3.The value estimated from sample data is known as. … Read more

Subject Specialist SS Statistics MCQS Past Papers pdf

Subject Specialist SS Statistics MCQs Past Papers pdf, Statistics solved MCQs Notes Download. 1.The Central Value Calculated To Represent The Distribution As A Whole Is Called Measure Of. A. Central Tendency B. Dispersion C. Skewness D. Kurtosis ANSWER: A 2.Sum Of Deviations Of Observations From Their Mean Cannot Be. A. Zero B. Other Than Zero … Read more