Multiple Choice MCQ General Knowledge GK Interview Quiz Questions with Answers

Multiple Choice MCQ General Knowledge GK  Interview Quiz Questions with Answers

The Boston Tea Incident took place in: 1773

Alaska was purchased from Russia in: 1867

The Camp David is located in: Maryland

The first Secretary of State of US was: Jefferson

Panama Canal was officially opened in the year: 1914

Bill Clinton was President of United States: 42nd

Which state is known as sunshine state: Florida

The Capital of New York State is: Albany

US entered the Second World War in: 1941

The First Bank of the United States was: City worker’s operated

American Women got the right to vote in: 1920

The only President who was elected more than twice: Franklin D. Roosevelt

Who is known as father of the constitution: James Madison

Supreme court of USA was established in: 1789

Statue of liberty was donated to USA by: France

1st chief justice of USA was: J.Jay

1st university to be found in USA was: Harvard

1st capital of USA was: New York

George Washington became president in: 1789

Thomas Jefferson was the president of America.Third

General Knowledge Quiz With Answers for Kids

General Knowledge Quiz With Answers for Kids

Where the process of digestion begins?


Name the planet nearest to sun?


What is the best conductor of electricity?


What the science of study of old age?


Name the instrument used for measuring the velocity?


The branch of science which deals with the bird is called ?


Which vitamins are not water soluble?

Vitamin A & D

What is Standard pressure?

760 mm-Hg

What is Unit of electricity?

Kilowatt Hour

How many atmosphere the moon has?

no atmosphere

How many moon Planet Mars has?

two moons

Light travels fattest in?


Ascorbic acid is also called?

vitamin C

Rickets is caused by the deficiency of?

vitamin D

Joseph Aspdin is the inventor of?


The first space man is?

Yuri Gagarin

Diamond is an allotropic form of the element?


Barometer is used for measuring the?


Water transport in plants occurs within?


The ultraviolet rays cause?


Blood cells are of types?


Insulin is used for the treatment of?


Malaria is caused by?


Online Books MCQs for NTS Test Preparation

Online Books MCQs for NTS Test Preparation

Sir Syed established MAO College in 1875

Nawab Saleemullah Khan died on 12 February 1915.

Hamdard was published by Ali Jauhar.

First Round Table Conference was held in 1930.

Communal Award was published in 1932.

the viceroy of Indian during the 2nd World War was Lord Linlithgow.

Defense Council was formed on 1948.

The author of “Jinnah of Pakistan” is Stanley Walport.

Objectives Resolutions was passed on  12 March 1949.

Liaquat Ali Khan went to America in 1950.

The Simla Agreement was signed on 3rd July 1972.

The Legal Framework Order was issued by Yahya Khan.

Myth of Independence was written by Z. A. Bhutto.

The First Constituent Assembly was dissolved on 24th October 1954.

8th Amendment in the Constitution of 1973 was made in 1985.

  1. I. Chandrigar was the Prime Minister of Pakistan 6th.

Cripps Mission reached India in 1942.

Quaid-e-Azam reached Pakistan on……..August, 1947 .7th.

The First Constituent Assembly of Pakistan consisted of……..members at the time of the creation of Pakistan: 79.

Pakistan became Islamic Republic in 1956.

Nizam-e-Islam Party was founded by  Chaudry Muhammad Ali.

xv. The famous book “ Hayat-e-Javed” was written on the life of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan.

iii. The first Central Office of Muslim League was established in Lucknow.

iv. All India Muslim Students Federation was founded at  Aligarh.

v. Allama Iqbal get his Ph.D degree from Munich University.

vi. The first Anglo-Sikh war started in 1845.