Multiple Choice MCQ General Knowledge GK Interview Quiz Questions with Answers

Multiple Choice MCQ General Knowledge GK  Interview Quiz Questions with Answers

The Boston Tea Incident took place in: 1773

Alaska was purchased from Russia in: 1867

The Camp David is located in: Maryland

The first Secretary of State of US was: Jefferson

Panama Canal was officially opened in the year: 1914

Bill Clinton was President of United States: 42nd

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Which state is known as sunshine state: Florida

The Capital of New York State is: Albany

US entered the Second World War in: 1941

The First Bank of the United States was: City worker’s operated

American Women got the right to vote in: 1920

The only President who was elected more than twice: Franklin D. Roosevelt

Who is known as father of the constitution: James Madison

Supreme court of USA was established in: 1789

Statue of liberty was donated to USA by: France

1st chief justice of USA was: J.Jay

1st university to be found in USA was: Harvard

1st capital of USA was: New York

George Washington became president in: 1789

Thomas Jefferson was the president of America.Third

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