Download Free Books Pakistan Studies Past Papers O level in pdf Urdu

Download Free Books Pakistan Studies Past Papers O level in pdf  Urdu

The Scientific Society was founded in 1864

The State Bank of Pakistan was established on 1st July 1948

The Second Summit Conference of the OIC was held in 1974

The Urdu-Hindi Controversy started in the year 1867

The author of “Making of Pakistan” is K. K. Aziz

The Indus Water Basin Treaty was signed in the year 1960

Baba Farid Ganj Shakar was a saint belong to Chishtia Silsila

Montague-Chelmsford Reforms were announced in the year 1919

Quaid-e-Azam announced his Fourteen Points in the year 1929

The Brahmo Samkaj was founded by Raja Ram Mohan Rai

The All Indian Muhammadan Educational Conference was founded in 1886

The Home Rule League was founded by Annie Besant

Gawadar became part of Pakistan in 1958.

Nehru Report was published in 1928.

Peshawar was captured by Syed Ahmad Shaheed in 1830.

Government of Indian Act, 1935 came into operation in 1937.

Basic Democracy System was launched in 1959.

Durand Line was drawn in 1894.

Pakistan became the member of NAM in 1979.

Khutbat-e-Ahmadia was written by Sir Syed Ahmad Khan.

The full name of A. Q. Hume was Allan Octivian Hume.

The first president of Jamiat-e-Ulema-e-Islam was Shabbir Ahmad Usmani.

Punjab was given the status of a province on 1970.

The Kaunpur Mosque incident took place 1913.

The Muslims observed the Day of Deliverance on  1939.

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1. He was the Governor – General of Indo-Pakistan before Mountbatten:
Lord Wavel

2. Mountbatten came to India in
March 1947

3. Mountbatten was an officer in
British Navy

4. Plan for the Separation of Indo Pakistan was announced on
23rd June 1947

5. Election to the First Constituent Assembly of Pakistan took place in:

6. The first Cabinet of Pakistan consisted of
7 members.

7. Finance Portfolio in the first Cabinet was held by
Malik Ghulam Muhammad.

8. The Chief Minister of the following province refused to salute the Pakistani flag in 1947:

9. CM of NWFP Doctor Khan Sahib was dismissed by Quaid e Azam who was his successor?

10. Chief Minister of the following Province was dismissed by Quaid e Azam

11. Approximate population of Pakistan at the inception in 1947 was
7 crores

12. First census of Pakistan was held in

13. Population of west Pakistan in 1951was
34 million

14. The only country to oppose Pakistan’s entrance into the UNO in1947 was Afghanistan

15. Total area of Jammu and Kashmir in 1947 was
84,471 sq. miles

16. India stopped the passage of water from the rivers Ravi and Sutluj in
April 1948

17. Madhupur Head works is located on the
river Ravi
18. Ferozpur Head works is located on river

19. Muslim majority Tehsil Zira was handed over to India in Redcliff award it was a tehsil of
Ferozepur District.

21. He was the firsthead of state to visit Pakistan in 1947
Amir of Kuwait

22. Quaid e Azam relief fund was set up in
September 1947

23. At the time of division the cash balances of undivided India stood at about
Rs. 4,000 million

24. India and Pakistan mutually came to an agreement that Pakistan would get
Rs. 750 crore as her share.

25. Only Rs. 200 crors had been paid as an interim installment

26. Referendum in 1947 in NWFP province was held in

27. On 15th August 1947 the state of Junaghadh announced that it had acceded to Pakistan.

28. He was the first Governor of Punjab
Francis Moody.

29. Governor Moody imposed the Governor Rule in Punjab in
January 1949.

30. Pakistan Fund was setup by Quaid in
June 1947.

31. State Bank of Pakistan was inaugurated by Quaid in
July 1948.

32. The initial assets of SBP were equal to
three Crore

33. Karachi was declared Federal area by the legislative Assembly in
May 1948.

34. He was the only Muslim to oppose the Objectives Resolution in the Assembly.
Mian Iftikhar –ud- din

35. “The Myth of Independence” was written by
Z.A. Bhutto

36. Muslim yesterday and today was written by

37. Pakistan’s flag was designed by two brothers and name of one of them is Altaf Hussain.

38. White strip in the flag was added in August 1947. When was moon and star added in the flag
February 1949.

39. Ayub Khoro ministry in Sindh was dissolved by Quaid in

40. The Quaid delivered his last message to the nation on:
27th August, 1948.

41. He was called the iron man of NWFP
Khan Qayyum Khan

42. Peer Sahib Manki Shareef founded the following party in September 1949
Awami Muslim League

43. In the East Bengal elections were held in

44. He is the only man to be prosecuted under PRODA

45. It was the first opposition party of the country
Jinnah Awami League

46. Awami League was found by Abdul Hameded Bhashani in

47. Rawalpindi Conspiracy was unearthed in
March 1951

48. The accused of the conspiracy were prosecuted in the following jail
Hyderabad Jail

49. Liaqat Nehru Pact announced at Delhi
in April 1950.

50. Liaquat ali Khan visited America in
May 1950

51. “Wheat Crisis” in Pakistan took place in

52. Martial Law in Lahore was imposed in
MARCH 1953

53. MALIK GHULAM Muhammad dissolved the Govt. of
Nazi mud Din in April 1953

54. Shortage of Salt took place in 1952 in
East Bengal

55. Pakistan became member of Baghdad pact in
September 1955.

56. The Manila Pact is the other name of

57. The Manila Pact was signed in
September 1954

58. Muhammad Ali Bigra formula was put forward in
October 1954

59. According to Bogra formula the Lower house consisted of
300 seats

60. Out of the total 309 sears muslim League secured only 9 seats in

61. PRODA was replaced in
September 1954

62. Ghlam Muhammad dissolve dthe Constituent assembly on:
24th October, 1954.

63. Ghulam Muhammad resigned in
August 1954

64. One unit bill was brought intp effect on
14 October, 1955

65. He became the first Governor of West Pakistan

66. The First Five Year Plan was announced by Chaudhary Muhammad Ali on 18th May 1956

67. Principal of joint Electorate was accepted by the Assembly on
10th October 1956 at Dacca

68. Suez Canal Crisis took place in the reign of:

69. Pakistan bought Gwadar from King ofmaskat at the cost of 40 lakh pounds on 8th September 1958

70. Deputy spleaker of East Pakistan was killed during a rumpus in the Assembly in

71. After the promulgation of MARTIAL Law in 1958when did the new cabinet take oath?
24th October 1958

72. Z.A.Bhutto had the following portfolio in the Ayub Khan’s cabinet


73. According to the agriculture Reforms announced in January 1959, maximum limit of non irrigated lands was fixed at:
1000 acres.

74. How many land farm holders were affected by the Ayub Reforms

75. Which ordinance contributed a great deal towards generating public
resentment against Ayub regime:
Muslim family Law Ordinance.

75. In the Basic Democratic System introduced by Ayub the number of basic Democrats was

76. Ayub lifted the Martial Law in
June 1962

77. Presidential Elections between Ayub Khan and miss Fatima Jinnah held in January 1965

78. Pakistan launched an operation in Kashmir in 1965 which was called

79. India mounted upon a three pronged attack against Pakistan along Lahore on
6ht September 1965

80. China issued an ultimatum to India on
17th September 1965

81. Sheikh Mujeeb ur Rehman presented his 6 points for the first time in February 1966 at the house of Former premier Ch. Muhaamad Ali in a meeting of
All Parties Conference.

82. What was the name of opposition alliance against Ayub in 1965 elections? Combined Opposition Parties

83. In 1967 five parties formed an alliance against Ayub Khan which was called

84. The Ayub regim celebrated tis 10 years of rule in
October 1968

85. As a result of boundary settlement between Pakistan And China Pakistan got 750 sq. miles of land out of a total of:
3400 sq. miles

86. U- 2 incident took place in

87. The old name of Round garden was changed into Nasir garden in 1966 after the visit of
Egyptian President Nasir.

88. Sardar Abdul Rab Nishtar died in

89. EBDO was promulgated in

90. Ayub Khan took oath as President of Pakistan in
February 1960

91. I.I. Chandaraker died in

92. Muhammad Ali Bogra died in

93. Soharwardy died in 1963 in

94. Islamabad was completed in

95. Bhutto was arrested in
November 1968.

96. States of Dir, Chitral and Swat were incorporated in NWFP in
August 1969.


97. Yahya khan became C-in-C in March 1966. Who was C-in-C before him.
Musa Khan

98. Ayub Khan handed over the reins of Government to Yahya Khan on
25th March 1969.

99. In April 1969 yahya regime announced
Labour Reforms

100. One Unit Scheme was done away with on
1st July 1970

101. Total number of National Assembly seats in the L.F.O. was

102. East Bengal has 169 seats in the L.F.O.

103. Punjab had 85 seats in L.F.O.

104. Elections could not be held on fixed date and had to be postponed till 7th
December due to
Floods in East Pakistan

105. In the 1971 elections out of total 162 common seats in East Bengal Mujeeb ur Rehman won
160 seats

106. In the elections of 1971 PPP got 62 seats out of total 82 common seats in Punjab

107. Agartala conspiracy was about
Kidnap and murder of Ayub Khan

109. Kashmir Mujahideen hijacked an Indian plane “Ganga” in

110. Army action was started in Easr Pakistan from March 1971
Mother of Z.A.Bhutto was

111. Z.A. Bhutto studied in the following university
Southern California University

112. Bhutto was appointed Foreign Minister in

113.EAST Pakistan BECAME AN INDEPENDENT ENTITIY in December 1971

114. A commission was appointed by Bhutto to probe into the 1971 crisis. It was called
Hamood ur Rehman commission

115. In March Mr. Bhutto dismissed
1300 service men

116. The banks were nationalized in
May 1972

117. In his agricultural reforms Bhutto put ceiling to land holding at
150 acres of irrigated land.

118. Bhutto announced second package of agricultural reforms in

119. In April 1974 Bangladesh agreed to release 195 held up

120. Mr. Bhutto announced to dissociate Pakistan from the Commonwealth of Nations in

121. Martial Law was imposed in Balochistan in
May 1973

122. The Qadyanis were declared non Muslims in

123. He is the only person who resigned from national Assembly on this decision
Ahmaad Raza Qasuri

124. Elections to the National Assembly were held under Z.A. Bhutto in
March 1977

125. Martial Law was imposed in the country on 5th July 1977
in the morning

126. Pakistan announced to delink from SEATO in
November 1972
Chaudhary Khaleeq uz Zaman died in

127. Ayub Khan Passed away in

128. Friday was declared a weekly holiday in
January 1977


129. How many constitutions have been tried in in Pakistan so far?

130. 1973 constitution was promulgated in
14th August

131. How many amendments have been made in1973 constitution up to 1999

132. The 16th amendment is about the expansion of

133. Quota has been extended to the year

134. The Quran and Sunnah are declared the Supreme law of Pakistan under this Amendment

135. The Qaduanis were declared non Muslims in this amendment

136. The first Constituent Assembly of Pakistan consisted of 79 members
objectives resolution was passed in
12th March 1949

137. The Ulmas offered 22 points for the future constitution of Pakistan.

138. The 2nd Basic principle Committee Report was published on
22nd December 1952.

139. The following constitutional draft was called as the Bengali Punjab Crisis Report
2nd BPC Report

140. Muhammad Ali Bogra formula was put forward in the Assembly on:
7th October, 1953

141. Bogra Formula offered a bicameral legislature wherein every unit had
10 seats in the Upper House

142. The number of East Bengal Seats in the Lower House in the Bogra Formula was:

143. The First constituent assembly of Pakistan was dissolved by Ghulam Muhammad on;
24th October 1954

144. The Sindh chief court restored the
1st Constituent Assembly

145. He was the first governor of the West Pakistan
Mushtaq Ahmed Grmani

146. It was necessary for both the President and the Prime Minister to be Muslims in this Constitution.

147. The Objectives Resolution was made the part of the Constitution instead of being merely a document of guiding Principles in
8th Amendment

148. Bicameral legislature was provided for in the
1973 constitution.

149. The minimum age of a Senator is
30 years.

150. The minimum age of Prime Minister under the constitution is
35 years.

151. The age of President is

152. The retirement age of justice of High court is
62 years

153. The retirement age of justice of Supreme Court is
65 years

154. How much practice as a lawyer is must for becoming Justice of a High Court
8 years.

PPSC SPSC CSS PMS Solved Pakistan Studies MCQs Notes

• The title of the published collection of Liaquat’s speeches meant to introduce Pakistan to the West? Pakistan, Heart of Asia
• Conspiracy to overthrow Liaquat Government come to light Rawal Pindi: March 1951
• Liaquat Ali khan was assassinated in Rawalpindi on 16th October, 1951. Was buried in Karachi near Quaid.
• Liaquat ali Khan born in Kernal (East Punjab) on 1st Oct: 1895.
• Who replaced Liaquat Ali Khan as Prime Minister? Khawajah Nazimuddin
• Who replaced Nazimuddin as Governor General? Ghulam Muhammad
• Jamilla was the first Muslim girl who hoisted Muslim League flag onteh Punjab Secreterat, Lahore (1946)
• Rawalpindi became the temporary capital of Pak: in 1960.
• First commissioner of Sindh Charles Napier.
• Sindh assembly proclaimed Sindhi as official language of Sindh in 1972.
• Baluchistan got status of province on 1st July, 1970.
• Pak: bought Gawader (1958) & Jiwani from Oman.
• Pak: came into being on 27 Ramzan, 1366 A.H Thursday.
• Pak: standard time was adopted on Oct:1, 1951.
• Population Census-1951, 61,72,81,98.
• The only vice-president of Pak: Noorul Amin.
• Father’s name of Quaid= Jinnah Poonja
• Father’s name of Iqbal=Shaikh Noor Mohd:
• 27 Oct: 1947 was observed “Black Day” as Indian forces landed in Azad Kashmir.
• Sheikh Abdullah was called founder of National Conference.
• Indian Forces occupied Kashmir the state of Jammu and Kashmir on October 27, 1947.
• Distance of Kashmir from Pakistan is 250 miles.
• Hari Singh was the maharaja of Kashmir in 1947.
• % of Muslim population in Kashmir in 1947 was 78%.
• UN commission members for India & Pak: were 3 (later 5) visited in July,1948.
• Sir Owen Dixon was UN Representative for demilitarization of Kashmir.
• National anthem of Pakistan was played for the first time on August 13, 1954.
• Urdu made National Language in April 1954 it has 37 letters.
• Birth place of Quaid Wazir Mension.
• House of Quaid Mohata Palace.
• Allama Iqbal’s tomb was built in 1951.
• Liaquat Nehru Pact= April 1951.
• 17th Oct: 1951 Liaquat shot dead in Rawalpindi by Syed Akbar.
• Liaquat visited USA in 1951.
• Pakistan issued it first coin on 3rd Jan: 1948.
• Quaid inaugurated State Bank on 1st July’1948.
• National Bank of Pakistan formed in 1948.
• First postal stamp issued in 1948.
• Karachi radio station inaugurated by Liaquat on 14th August’1948.
• Pakistan recognized China in 1949.
• In 1949 July, Pak: got Siachen under Karachi agreement.
• Siachen is located in Baltistan.
• Siachen is world’s 2nd highest glacier.
• 22 points of Ulema put on 24th Jan: 1951 by 31 Ulema.
• BBC started its first Urdu service on 13th April, 1949.
• In 1950, Iftikhar Hussain Mamdot founded Jinnah Muslim League party.
• PIA founded: 1954 started international service: 1955 to Jordan via Cairo.
• Pakistan got status of Test cricket in 1952.
• Sui gas founded in 1952.
• First five year plan launched in1955.
• National Anthem first broadcasted on radio: 13 August, 1954.
• Pakistan signed CENTO (Baghdad Pact) on 23Sep: 1955.
• West Pakistan declared “one unit” in 1955 by Mohd: Ali Bogra.
• “One unit” repealed on 1st Jan: 1971.
• First acting Governor General of Pak: was Major General Sikandar Mirza 17th August 1955 to 16th Oct: 1955.
• President Iskandar Mirza visited Afghanistan in 1956.
• One unit bill passed during the period of Chaudhry Mohd: Ali 14th oct: 1955 and cancelled on 25th March 1969 by Yahya .
• During one unit first GG of west Pak: was Nawab Mushtaque Ahmed Gormani and first CM was Dr. Khan Sahib In 1956.
• Pakistan became Islamic Republic on 23rd March, 1956.
• 1956 constitution was presented in assembly in Feb 29, 1956.
• Martial law was imposed in Lahore in 1953.
• Ch: Rehmat Ali is buried in Cambridge (London)
• Pakistan joined SEATO in Sep: 1954.
• In Sept: 1958 Gawadar was bought by Khan of Kalat at 40 lacs pounds from Oman
• 1st Martial Law= 7 Oct: 1958
• 2nd Martial Law=26 March 1969
• 3rd Martial Law=7 July 1977
• Ayub became first elected president on 17 Feb: 1960.
• Ayub transferred capital from Karachi to Islamabad on 1st August 1960.
• Indus Basin Treaty signed under World Bank in Sep: 1960.
• Pakistan made boundary agreement with Iran on 21st May 1960.
• U2 incident happened in 1960.
• Ayub khan appointed Ameer Muhammad Khan as Governor of West Pakistan.
• Ayub visited US & Queen Elizbeth visited Pakistan in 1961.
• Ayub Khan visited USSR on 3rd April, 1965, US in 1961.
• Television started on 26 Nov: 1964.
• Zafarullah Khan served as president of UN General Assembly’s 7th session in 1962.
• Boundary agreement with China was signed in 1963.
• Agreement with Canada on first nuclear power station in Karachi was signed in 1965.
• Z.A Bhutto served as F.M in Ayub Govt:
• Convention League was formed by Ayub.
• 1965 war started from 6 to 22 Sept: 1965.
• Defense day is celebrated in Pakistan since 1966.
• Major Aziz Bhatti was martyred in 1965 war.
• Tashkent Pact was signed by Ayub Khan & Shastri on 3 Jan:, 1966 (USSR, Kosijin)
• Fatima Jinnah died in 1967. She was born on 1st August, 1893.
• Kashmir valley is b/w Big Hamalia and Little Hamlia.
• Length of Indus from Hamalia to Arabian Sea is 1980 miles.
• Ancient name of India was Arya Warat.
• LFO was promulgated on 30th March, 1970 by Yahya Khan.
• The post of C-in-C was converted into the post of Chief of Staff in 1970.
• 2nd war between India & Pakistan: 3 to 17 Dec: 1971.
• Last commander of Pak: in East Pak: Abdullah Khan Naizi.
• PNSC established on 1st March 1979.
• PTV started its color transmission on December 20th, 1976.
• Pakistan signed PTBT in 1978.
• Post of Commander-in-Chief changed to Chief of Staff in 1970.
• Post of Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff was created in 1976.
• East Pakistan became Bangladesh on 16 Dec: 1971.
• Simla Agreement signed b/w Bhutto and Indra Gandhi on 2nd July’1972.
• Nationalization of educational institutions & industries in 1972.
• Nationalization of banks made in 1974.
• Denationalization of banks make on Jan:9, 1991 (First MCB).
• Pak: Broadcasting Corporation established on Dec: 20, 1972.
• The constitution of 1973 was enforced on 1 March 1973.
• PM under the 1973 constitution is the head of the cabinet.
• The first general elections under the 1973 constitution were held in 1977.
• First biogas plant established in 1974.
• Ahmadis declared non-Muslims in 1974.
• Colour transmission started on 20th Dec: 1976.
• First electric train started in 1970.
• Steel Mill founded in 1973 (USSR aided) in Bin Qasim.
• Pakistan recognized Bangladesh in 1974.
• Pakistan joined OIC in 1974, NAM in 1979, PTBT in 1978, SAARC in 1985.
• Hudood ordinance enforced on 10 Feb: 1979.
• Dr. Abdul Salam awarded Nobel Prize in Physics in 1979.
• Faiz Ahmed Faiz got Lenin Prize.
• Zia successed ex-President Fazal Ellahi Choudhri.
• In dec: 1981, Ziaul Haq announced Majlis-e-Shoora with 350 members.
• Zakat & Ushr ordinance promulgated in 1980.
• Wafaqui Mohtasib was created in 1983.
• 8th amendment introduced in 1985.
• Gen.Zia lifted Martial Law on 30th December, 1985.
• Nuclear cooperation pact with China was made on 15th Sep: 1986.
• Ojri camp tragedy occurred on 10 april 1988.
• The Junejo government was dismissed on 29th May, 1988.
• Zia died on 17 August, 1988.
• US ambassador who died with Zia was Arnold Raphael.
• Ghulam Ishaque Khan became president of Pakistan in 1988.
• Pakistan’s re-entry in common wealth in 1989.
• First test tube baby at Lahore in 1989.
• PTV2: 1992, PTV Morning: Jan 6, 1988, PTV:Sep: 2000.
• Kargil Crisis in 1999.
• Musharaf elected president (10th) on 20 June, 2001.
• Durand Line agreement b/w Sir Martimur Durand the FS of Britain and Amir

•Abur Rehman, the Afghan ruler November 12, 1893 at Kabul (2050 km, 1300 miles)
• HBFC was set up in Nov: 1952.
• First satellite Badr-I launched on 16 July, 1990.
• On 28 May, 1998 five blasts made at Chagi, the day is known as Yum-e-Takbir.
• On 17 May, 1998 India blasted in Pokhran (Rajistan).
• Pak: entered nuclear club on 28 May, 1998.
• First bank of Pak: = Habib Bank.
• Defece day=6th Sep:
• Defence day of Pakistan is celebrated on Sep: 6 since 1966
• Airforce day= 7th Sep:
• Navy Day=8th Sep:
• Kashmir Day=5th Feb:
• Friday was declared holiday in Jan: 1977.
• EBODO promulgated in 1959.
• PRODA came in 1949-1954.
• Wheat crisis occurred in 1952.
• Number of basic democratc was 80,000.
• Ghuauri is Surface to Surface missile.
• Anza is Surface to Air missile.
• Age of senator is 30.
• Age of PM is 35.
• Number of tribal areas is 11.
• Pakistan Withdrew from SEATO in 1973.
• Pakistan left CENTO in March 1979.
• Nasir Shabir was first Pakistani to conquer Mount Everest.
• Capital of was shifted from Karachi to Islamabad on 1 August 1960.
• Indus Basin Treaty was concluded on 19th Sep 1960.
• KANNUP was established in 1971.
• Tashkent Declaration was signed on 10 Jan 1966.
• Saudi King Shah Faisal visited Pakistan in the year of 1966 and 1974.
• Pakistan was suspended from commonwealth on 18 Oct 1999.
• Mr. Ghulam Muhammad was finance minister before becoming governor general of Pakistan.
• Badr I launched on 16th July 1990.
• First Agriculture University was established in Faisalabasd.
• Pakistan joined SEATO in 1954 but later withdrew from it in the year 1973.
• Moraji Desai, former PM of India was the only Indian leader awarded the highest award of Pakistan for a civilian.

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