Rescue 1122 EMT Emergency Medical Technician MCQS Past Papers pdf

Rescue 1122 EMT Emergency Medical Technician MCQS Past Papers pdf

1. Haji shariat Ullah started the farizi movement.

2.King Emperor George V announced the annulment of partition of Bengal.

3.In Sindh province, the first muslim league Government was formed.

4.The first President of Muslim League was Agha Khan.

5.Syed Ameer Ali launched the London Branch of Muslim league.

6.Sir Seyed Ahmed Khan establish the scientific society in 1863.

7.Mohammedan Educational conference was formed in 1886.

8.Quaid –e-Azam presented the Dehli Proposal.

9.Quaid-e-Azam present his famous 14 points in 1929.

10.The Government of India Act 1909 is also known as Minto Morley reforms.

11.The simon commission arrived in India in which year 1928.

12.When was Aligrarh College raised to the status of university in 1920.

13.Nehru presented his famous report in year in 1928.

14.In which year was the Lukhnow pact presented in 1916.

15.When was Indian Independence act was passed in 18th July 1947.

16.Sir John Simon was the head of simon commission.

17.Quaid-e-Azam joined the Muslim league in 1913.

18.A.O. Hume was founder of All India National Congress.

19.All Indian National congress was established in 1885.

20.35 members of shimla deputation met the viceroy.

21.Lord Curzen was the Viceroy of India during the partition of Bengal.

22.Lord Mount Batten was the last vicory of India.