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Pakistan Studies Short Questions for Quiz Programmes

Pakistan Studies Short Questions for Quiz Programmes

• National anthem of Pak: was played for first time on 13th August, 1954 in front of Raza Shah Pahlavi of Iran.
• Plan of division of Indo-Pak: announced on 3rd June, 1947.
• Population of Pak: at it birth was 32 million.
• First head of state to visit Pak: in 1947 was Ameer of Kuwait.
• First president to visit was of Indonesia.
• First opposition party of Pak: Jinnah Awami league it was founded by Abudl hameed Bhashwani in 1950.
• Area of Pakistan 796,096 sq: km.
• National anthem written by Hafiz Jalundri in Charage Sahar in Sinf of Makhmas.
• Music composed by Ahmed Ali Chagla.
• Flag of Pakistan designed by Ameeruding Qadwani.
• Ch: Kahliquzaman became president of ML after Quaid.
• Ayub khan laid down foundation stone of Quaid’s Mosulem.
• Which airline helped movement of 35000 people from Pakistan to India between Oct. 20 to Nov. 30, 1947? (The same airline also moved 7000 Muslim Govt. officials and the families from Delhi to Pakistan). British Overseas Airways Corporation

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• Pakistan’s share 700 million was actually paid.
• Unanimously elected Quaid as President of the Pakistan’s first Constituent Assembly on Aug. 11, 1947
• 27th August, 1947: Pakistan admitted as Member of the Food and Agriculture Organization of UN
• U.S. embassy in Karachi was established August 15, 1947
• The first US ambassador to Pakistan, Paul H. Alling, was appointed on September 20, 1947.
• Who was the British Prime Minister at the time of the partition of India? Attlee
• When was it announced by that June 1948 had been determined as the date of withdrawal of British power from India? Feb. 20, 1947
• Secretary of State for India in 1947: Lord Listowel
• Viceroy of India from 1943 to 1947: Lord Wavell
• Mountbatten arrive in Delhi: March 22, 1947
• Jinnah meet Lord Mountbatten first time: April 5, 1947
• When did Lord Mountbatten announced the partition plan? June 3, 1947
• Mountbatten address the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan? 14th August, 1947
• Indian Independence Bill moved in the British Parliament? July 4, 1947
• Time of creation of Pakistan12 a.m. at the night between 14th and 15th August, 1947?
• Who first time announced in English “This is Pakistan Broadcasting Service” at the time of creation of Pakistan? Mr. Zahoor Azar
• Who first time announced in Urdu “This is Pakistan Broadcasting Service” at the time of creation of Pakistan? Ghulam Mustafa Hamdani
• Egypt announced its recognition of Pakistan 16th August, 1947
• Pakistan applied for membership of UNO: 16th August, 1947
• What is the estimated number of people who migrated on partition of India in 1947? 8,500,000 (dubbed as “largest migration in history” by Information office Delhi)
• When did the Pakistan Assembly pass the resolution for changing the name of West Punjab to Punjab? 07-01-1948
• When was it announced that Jinnah would be the Governor General of Pakistan? July 10, 1947
• The last Governor of the undivided Punjab? Sir Evan Jenkins
• What does RSS stand for? Rashtriya Swayam Sewak Sangh
• Who was the Finance Minister in the first cabinet of the Dominion of Pakistan? Ghulam Muhammad
• When did Liaquat Ali Khan move in the Constituent Assembly that the title of “Quaid-e-Azam” be used for Jinnah in official correspondence? Aug. 12, 1947
• When was Jinnah’s name was read in Khutaba at the Pakistan colony mosque by the Sindh Education Minister Pir Illahi Bukhsh? Aug. 22, 1947
• when was it announced that Jinnah would act as Legal Guide to the Assembly in drafting the Constitution? Aug. 23, 1947
• When was the announcement made from Delhi for setting up a Constituent Assembly for Pakistan? July 26, 1947
• When did Jinnah reach Karachi to take part in the first meeting of the Constituent Assembly? Aug. 7, 1947
• 79 members in the first Constituent Assembly for Pakistan?
• When did Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah take oath as the first Governor General of Pakistan? Aug. 15, 1947
• Who administered the oath of M.A. Jinnah? Chief Justice of Lahore High Court, Justice Abdur Rasheed
• Who administered the oath of Mr. Liaquat Ali Khan as the first Prime Minister of Pakistan? Muhammad Ali Jinnah
• What was the venue of the oath taking ceremony of Quaid-e-Azam and Liaquat Ali Khan? Karachi
• Sir Francis Maudi took oath as First Governor of West Punjab?
• Who took oath as the First Governor of East Bengal? Sir Frederick Bourne
• George Cunningham took oath as First Governor of N.W.F.P.
• Sheikh Ghulam Hussain oath as the First Governor of Sindh?
• Geoffrey Prior took oath as Chief Commissioner Baluchistan.
• Last Governor of the undivided Punjab? Sir Even Jenkins
• Who took oath as the Chief Minister of Sindh? MA Khuro
• Iftikhar Hussain Mamdot took oath as chief Minister of West Punjab
• Who was the first Commander-in-Chief of Pakistan Army? General Frank Walter Messervy, 15-08-1947 to 10-02-1948
• Who was the First Commander-in-Chief of Pakistan Navy? Rear Admiral James Wilfred
• Who was the First Commander-in-Chief of Pakistan Air Force? Air Marshal L. Parry Cane
• Hafiz Abdul Majeed was appointed as Chief Secretary, West Punjab on 18th August, 1947.
• Friday was declared as half working day: 22nd August, 1947
• Iran & Pakistan established diplomatic relations: 22nd August, 1947
• When was the Governor George Cunningham directed by the Government of Pakistan to dismiss the NWFP Congress Ministry headed by Khan Sahib? 22nd August, 1947
• Who was invited to form the NWFP Government after dismissal of the Congress Ministry headed by Khan Sahib? NWFP Muslim League head, Khan Abdul Qaiyum Khan
• First Pakistani documentary film was shown in the cinemas in Karachi on 30-08-1947. What was it about? Events from 2nd to 15th August, 1947
• On 2nd September, 1947 the first Pakistani film was released. What was its title? “Teri Yadd”
• Which actors played the lead roles in the first Pakistani film? Asha Bhonslay and Nasir Khan
• Who was appointed as Head of the Pakistani delegation to the UN? Mrs.Tasaddaq Hussain on 13th September, 1947
• Who was the first US ambassador to Pakistan? Paul H. Ealing (assumed charge on 23rd September, 1947)
• Which country sent 4750 tons rice for making up shortage of food in East Bengal on Sept. 19, 1947? Burma
• When was Karachi linked by air with all the provincial capitals? 6th October, 1947
• From which date Postage Stamps were made available in Post Offices? 6th October, 1947
• Who was appointed as the First Muslim Advocate General of the West Punjab? Sheikh Shabbir
• When was Pakistan admitted as member of the United Nations? 30th September, 1947
• Who was the Minister for Food and Agriculture in the first Cabinet of Pakistan? Raja Ghazanfar Ali Khan
• Urdu restarted its publications from Karachi on October 15, 1947 as Pakistan’s First National daily in Urdu
• Who was appointed Pakistan’s ambassador to Iran? Qazi Issa
• Pakistan’s ambassador to USA? A. H. Isphahani
• Indian Dy. Prime Minister in its very first cabinet after partition? Sardar Patel
• the Secretary of the Indian Ministry of States? V.P. Menon
• Elections to First Constituent Assembly of Pakistan 1946.
• Pakistan’s constituent assembly made on July 20th, 1947.
• 69 members in the first constituent assembly of Pakistan.
• 10 members were later added to the constituent assembly.
• Quaid-e-Azam addressed to the constituent assembly for the first time on 11th August, 1947.
• Pakistan’s first cabinet was sworn in 15th August, 1947.
• Sardar Abdur Rab Nishtar held the portfolion of Communications in the first cabinet of Pakistan.
• Besides being PM of Pakistan, Liaquat Ali Khan held the portfolios of Defense and Commonwealth.
• First cabinet of Pakistan consisted of 7 members including Prime Minister.
• Besides PMship, Liaquat had portfolio of Defence and common wealth.
• Quaid had portfolio of State and Frontier region.
• Zafarullah Khan had Foreign Affairs.
• I.I.Chundrigar had Trade, Industry & Public Works.
• Malik Ghulam Mohad: had Finance.
• Raja Ghazanfar had Food, Agriculture and health.
• Abdul Rab Nishtar had communication.
• Fazal ur Rehman had Internal Affairs, Information & Education.
• Objective Resolution was presented in the Constituent Assembly on 7th Mrach 1949 by Liaquat Ali.
• Mountbatten addressed the constituent assembly of Pak: on 14th August, 1947.
• Constituent Assembly declared Urdu & Bengali as official languages on 3rd Jan: 1954.
• On 24th October, 1954, constituent assembly was dissolved by the governor general of Pakistan Mr. Ghulam Mohammad.
• Pakistan became member of UNO on 30th Sep: 1947and the member of NAM in 1979.
• Pakistan became member of World Bank in 1950.
• Liaquat visited India in April 1950.
• Referendum in NWFP held 6-17 July, 1947.
• Azad Kashmir govt: was setup on 24 Oct: 1947.
• Basic democracy system came in May 1959.
• 2nd Constitution made by Ayub came in March 1, 1962.
• First martyr of Pak: Khuwaja Mohd: Sharif of Ludhiana
• Canal water Pact with India=4th May, 1948.
• The first governor of Bengal Province was Sir Fredrick Boran, second was Malik Feroz Khan Noon.
• First CM of Bengal Province was Khuwaja Nazimuddin, the second CM was Noor-al-Amin.
• Urdu made national language on 25th Feb: 1948 (chk it)
• The second constituent assembly consisted of 80 members.
• When did Jinnah visit East Pakistan as Governor General? March, 1948
• When did the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan adopted a resolution presented by the Government for formally proclaiming Karachi as Capital of the Dominion of Pakistan? May 1948
• First C.M of Sindh: Mr. Muhammad Ayub Khuhro
• Muhammad Ayub Khuhro was dismissed in April, 1948?
• E. De V. Moss was appointed as Chief Pakistan Refugee Commissioner?
• The first Chief Minister of East Bengal? Khawajah Nazimuddin
• Quaid-e-Azam died on Sept. 11, 1948 due to Cardiac Arrest
• Jannah passed away at 72 at 10:20 p.m in G.G House Karachi and buried on 12th Sep: 1948 A.D.
• Funeral prayer of Quaid: Shabir Ahmed Usmani.
• 40 days of mouring was announced on Quaid’s death.
• Who was the successor of Quaid-e-Azam as Governor General? Khawajah Nazimuddin
• Jinnah had portfolio of Frontier States and Regions after him Liaquat Ali Khan took over this portfolio.
• Objective Resolution presented by Liaquat Ali Khan 13th March, 1949
• Basic Principles Committee set up by the Constituent Assembly to frame a draft Constitution.
• Basic Principles Committee presented its report in September, 1950
• Planning Board turned into Planning Commission:1951
• Landlordism abolished in East Bengal: 1950
• Liaquat Ali Khan visited USA:1951
• Liaquat Ali Khan spend in USA: Three weeks

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