Political Science Books for CSS Preparation

Political Science

  Title Author
1 History of Muslim Philosophy M.M. Sharif
Constitutional Development in Pakistan G.W. Choudhry
Comparative Politics; A World View Almond & Powell
Contemporary Political Analysis Garles Worth James
Government & Parliament: A Survey from the Inside Herbert Morrison
Government and Politics in Pakistan Mushtaq Ahmed
History of Political Theory George H. Sabine
History of Political Theories William A. Dunning
Political Thought in Medieval Islam Rosenthal
Modern Islamic State Rosenthal
Political Thought in Perspective William Edenstein
Pattern of Government Samuel H. Beer & Adam B. Ullam
Pakistan: A Political Study Keith Callard
Politics, Parties and Pressure Groups V.O. Key Jr.
Modern Political Systems: Asia Roy, C. Macradis (ed)
Politics in Pakistan: Nature and Direction of Change Khalid Bin Sayeed
Reflection on Government Earnest Barker
South-East Asia Political System Lucian W. Pye
The Political System of Pakistan Khalid Bin Sayeed
Nizam-ul-Mulk Tusi, Published by Muhammad Ashraf, Lahore, 1978 Rizvi, S. Rizwan Ali
Nizam-ul-Mulk Tusi (Urdu), Karachi University 1995 Prof. Dr. Rizwan Ali Rizvi