CSS Books for International Relations

Title Author
1 International Politics K.J. Holsti
2. Politics among Nations Hans Morgenthan
3. World Politics: An Introduction James N. Rosenau
4. An Introduction to International Politics; Power and Justics Theodor Contobius and Thomas Wolfe
5. Contending Theories of International Relations Tames Dougherty
6. Issues in Global Politics Gavin Boyd
7. World Politics since 1945 Peter Caloucorassi
8. International Relations: Peace or War Richard Rosecrance
9. Relations of Nations Frederick Hartman
10. Indian Ocean and the Superpowers: Economic, Political and Strategic Perspectives Rasul Bux Rais
11. Sanctuary and War Pervaiz Iqbal Cheema
12. Contemporary Strategy: Theories and Policies J. Baylis, K. Booth, P. Williams, J. Garnet

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