CSS Important Books for Law

 Law Title Author
1 Crminal Procedure Code Shaukat Mahmud
2 Law of Torts Choudhry, A. M.
3 Pakistan Panel Code Shaukat Mahmud
4 Qanun-e-Shahadat 1984
5 The Law of Contract Dr. M. A. Mannan
6 The Civil Procedure Code Aamir Raza


Constitutional Law


  Title Author
1 Constitutin of Pakistan Monir, M.
2 Constitutional Development of Pakistan Choudhry, A. G.
3 Governments and Parties in Continental Europe Lowell, A. L.
4 Introduction to the Study of the Law of the Constitution Dicey


Mercantile Law

  Title Author
1 A Hand Book of Company Law Choudhry A. M.
2 A Manual of Mercantile Law Hashmi, I.R. & Latif Ahmed
3 Contract Act Mannan, M. A.
4 Insurance Law Farani
5 Negotiable Instruments Act Khergermvala
6 Sales of Goods and Partnership Acts Pollock and Mulla


International Law


  Title Author
1 Public International Law Brownlie
2 Territorial Waters and Maritime Zones Act., 1976  
3 UN Convention on Law of the Sea 1984