ASF MCQS Test Past Papers PDF Book Download

ASF ASI MCQS Solved Past Papers Notes PDF Book Download

26.Which is less energy giving food from wheat,meat and Milk?
Ans. Wheat

27.Where is the Headquarter of OIC?
Ans. Jaddah

28.Who was the first ruler of Muslim dynasty in sub continent?
Ans. Qutub-ud-Din-Aibak

29.An inch is equall to how many cm?
Ans. 2.54cm

30.Who is current chairman os Senate?
Ans. Sadiq Sanjrani

31.Who is current General Secretary of UNO?
Ans. Antonio Guterres

32.Who was the first Indian Prime Minister?
Ans. Nehru

33.Who was author of Now or Never?
Ans. Ch. Rehmat Ali

34.Where is the only woman jail in Punjab?

35.Quid-e-Azam 14 poits were answer of?
Ans. Nehru Report

36.What was response of Congress on Simom Commission Report?
Ans. Rejeted it

37.How many countries are member of UNO?
Ans. 193

38.Who was president during Water Basin Treaty?
Ans. Gen. Ayub Khan

39.Who reprenseted India during Tashkant Declaration?
Ans.Lal Bahadur Shastri

40.What is percentage of water in blodd?
Ans. 65%

41.What is Daisy Cutter?
Ans. A Movie

42. River Indus originates from?
Ans. Tibet

43.Which general election held under LFO?
Ans. 1970

44.What is biggest civil award of Pakistan?
Ans. Nishan-e-Pakistan

45.Which is Mega city of Pakistan?
Ans. Karachi

46. The meaning of regicide is?
Ans. Murder of King

47.Central Board of revenue formed in?

48.Holoccaust means?
Ans. Devastation

49.The condemned man appealed ——–the court for mercy?
Ans. to

50.Correct the sentence. You should help a poor.
Ans. You should help the poor. Previous 25 Solved Questions Answers