Inspector FIA Solved MCQS Past Papers pdf Book

Inspector FIA Solved MCQS Past Papers pdf Book for fpsc test preparation online

1. Shalkot is the old name of——-
Ans. Quetta

2. Where is Babar Mughal king is burreid?
Ans. Kabul

3.Pakistan became Atomic Club member in?
Ans. 1998

4. In Which constitution Pakistan was declared Islamic Republic?
Ans. 1956

5.Who was first president of Muslim League?
Ans. Agha Khan

6.Who declared Quid-e-Azam Ambassador of Hindu Muslim Unity?
Ans. Sarojini Naidu

7.When Quiad-e-Azam resigned from Congress?
Ans. 1920

8.Which largest dearch engine internet?
Ans. Google

9.ROM Stands for
Ans. Read only Memory

10.When Pakistan became UNO Member?
30 Sep 1947

11.Which vitamnin is known as ascorbic acid?
Ans. Vitaminc C

12.Which is largest planet
Ans. Jupiter

13. Which is national game of Pakistan
Ans Hockey

14.Who got First Nishan-e- Haider
Ans. Muhammad Sawar Shaheed

15.What was profession of Redcliff
Ans. Lawyer

16.Manila is the Capital of
Ans. Philippines

17.Muslim League was formed in city
Ans. Dhaka

18.When Muhammadan Educational Conference was established
Ans. 1886

19. Riksdag is the name of Parliament of
Ans. Sweden

20. When one unit was formed
Ans. 1955

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