Solved MCQs Past Papers for Lecturer Political Science Test

Solved MCQs Past Papers for Lecturer Political Science Test

Political Science MCQs Notes

(1) “Justice as treating equals equally and unequals unequally” who said this:
(A) Aristotle
(B) J.S.Mill
(C) T.H.Green
(D) None of these

(2) Which of the following are elements of Marxism?
(A) Concept of surplus value
(B) Dialectical Materialism
(C) Doctrine of class struggle
(D) none of these

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(3) The concept of ‘legal sovereignty’ was for the first time given by:
(A) Hobbes (B) Locke
(C) Bentham (D) None of these

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(4) The natural rights of the people according to Locke are:
(A) Right to life, liberty and property
(B) Right to self-preservation and right to property
(C) Right to life and equality and right to property
(D) None of these.

(5) The welfare theory believes that the state is:
(A) Means
(B) An end
(C) An organism
(D) None of these

(6) Which of the following is incorrect about Plato’s views on Communism of Wives?
(A) Plato considers family as a stumbling block
(B) Abortion was strictly prohibited
(C) There should be a state controlled to get a nation perfect in body and mind
(D) None of these

(7) Aristotle was famous student of:
(A) Anaxagoras
(B) Hermes
(C) Socrates
(D) None of these

(8) Plato wrote the famous book:
(A) Leviathan
(B) The Republic
(C) The clouds
(D) None of these

(9) “The end of Politics is not knowledge but action” who said it:
(A) Plato
(B) Aristotle
(C) Montesquieu
(D) None of these

(10) When did Machiavelli die?
(A) 1469 AD
(B) 1527 AD
(C) 1523 AD
(D) None of these

(11) Machiavelli was by birth?
(A) French
(B) German
(C) Spanish
(D) None of these

(12) The concept of justice in the sense of greatest happiness of the greatest number was postulated by:
(A) Mark
(B) James Mill
(C) Spencer
(D) None of these

(13) Liberal Democracy means:
(A) Government by majority
(B) Government by people
(C) Limited majority rule
(D) None of these

(14) The doctrine of proportionate equality was pronounced by:
(A) Aristotle
(B) Rousseau
(C) Marx
(D) None of these

(15) The distinction between Real Will and Actual Will was made by:
(A) Green
(B) Bosanquet
(C) Rousseau
(D) None of these

(16) “Two treatise on civil Government” was written by:
(A) Thomas Hobbe
(B) Montesquieu
(C) John Locke
(D) None of these

(17) Who belongs to Shafite school of Fiqha:
(A) Al-Mawardi
(B) AL-Ghazali
(C) Al-Farabi
(D) None of these

(18) Nizam-ul-mulk Tusi served as Prime Minister of the:
(A) Seljuk empire
(B) Roman empire
(C) Turkish empire
(D) None of these

(19) Ahya-ul-uloom is the work of:
(A) AL-Ghazali
(B) Al-Mawardi
(C) Ibn-Khaldun
(D) None of these

(20) Allama Iqbal delivered his famous Allahbad address in:
(A) 1930
(B) 1929
(C) 1928
(D) None of these

(21) Legislative powers of House of Lords in Britain were curtailed by:
(A) Bill of Rights of 1689
(B) Magna carta of 1215
(C) The Parliament Act of 1911
(D) None of these

(22) The first Prime Minister of Britain was:
(A) Baldwin
(B) Chamberlain
(C) Robert Walpole
(D) None of these

(23) The position of the king was subordinated to Parliament by:
(A) The Parliament Act of 1949
(B) The Glorious Revolution of 1688
(C) The statute of West Minister
(D) None of these

(24) British House of Lords as Highest Court of Appeal Consists of :
(A) 26 members
(B) 16 members
(C) 9 members
(D) None of these

(25) Vice-President is the presiding Officer of upper house of Legislature in:
(A) United states of America
(B) India
(C) Both A & B
(D) None of these       Visit Page 2 for more MCQs

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