Lecturer Physics Online Past MCQS Practice Test

Lecturer Physics Online Past MCQS Practice Test

Lecturer Physics Sample Papers, MCQs from Past Papers, Prepare Online Practice Test

Q.1 For photons of energy greater than 1.02 MeV the probability of pair production occurrence __________ as the energy increases.

Q.2 The neutron is assumed to be made of
One up quark and two down quarks

Q.3 An __________ missile is called a ballistic missile.
Un-powered and un-guided

Q.4 Two cylinders of equal mass are made from same material. The one with the larger diameter accelerates __________ the other under the action of same torque.
Faster than

Q.5 The angular frequency of simple pendulum is directly proportional to __________

Q.6 Two waves of slightly different frequencies and traveling in same direction produce ________

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Q.7 A single mode step index fibre has core of about __________ μm diameter

Q.8 A 5 Ohm resistor is indicated by a single __________ color band around its body.

Q.9 Practically __________ current flows in a reverse biased p-n junction.
Very large

Q.10 Cesium coated oxidized silver emits electrons for __________ light.

Q.11 The cobalt is absorbed by

Q.12 In a step-down transformer the output current __________
Is increased

Q.13 Force in terms of base units is expressed as
kg ms-2

Q.14 100 joules work has been done by an agency in 10 seconds. What is power of agency?
10 watt

Q.15 The acceleration is proportional to the displacement and is directed towards mean position in __________ motion.
Simple harmonic

Q.16 In gases, the speed of sound is inversely proportional to __________ of the density when other factors are same.
Square root

Q.17 A watch maker uses __________ to repair the watches.
Convex lens

Q.18 A 2m long pipe is open at both ends. What is its harmonic frequency?
85 Hz

Q.19 A wire has resistance 100 Ohm at 0 oC and 200 Ohm at 100 oC. What is its temperature coefficient in K-1?

Q.20 The net magnetic field created by the electrons within an atom is due to the field created by their __________ motion.
Orbital x spin

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Lecturer Zoology Biology Online Past MCQS Practice Test

Lecturer Zoology Biology Online Past MCQS Practice Test,Practice Test from Past Papers for the Posts of Lecturer Zoology Lecturer Biology

1) Chano cysts are found in?
(a) Coelentrate (b) Annelida  (c) Porifera
(d) Arthropoda  (e) All of these

2) House fly is a common insect having ______ legs.
(a) 4 (b) 6 (c) 8 (d) None of these

3) Silver fish is included in:
(a) Pisces  (b) Arthropoda  (c) Annelida (d) None of these

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4) Number of vertebrae in neck of a giraffe are:
(a) 10 (b) 5 (c) 7 (d) None of these

5) Flame cell is typical of:
(a) Annelida (b) Chordata  (c) Porifera  (d) Platyhelminthes
(e) None of these

6) Nervous system originates from:
(a) Epidermis (b) Mesodermis  (c) Endodermis  (d) None of these
(e) All of these

7) Mammals are characterized by:
(a) Mammary Glands (b) Hair (c) All of these (d) None of these

8) Nucleus is not present in RBC of:
(a) Fish (b) Snake (c) Bird (d) Mammal
(e) None of these

9) Scales in fish derive their origin from:
(a) Epidermis (b) Mesodermis (c) Endodermis (d) None of these

10) Sound in insect is produced through:
(a) Mouth (b) Tracheal movements (c) Wing beat (d) None of these

11) Sole of foot in man has ______ location:
(a) Dorsal (b) Ventral (c) lateral (d) None of these

12) Coelome in adult mammals is represented by:
(a) Visceral cavity (b) Cavity in brain (c) Both of these (d) None of these

13) The Skelton in insects is:
(a) Exoskeleton  (b) Endoskeleton (c) None of these (d) Both of these

14) Sea horse is included in:
(a) Mammals (b) Fish (c) Reptiles  (d) None of these

15) Circulatory system is open type in:
(a) Annelida (b) Insecta  (c) Mammals (d) None of these

16) The body cavity is regarded as pseudocoele in Nematodes because:
(a) Has ectodermal origin
(b) Not completely lined by Mesodermal epithelium
(c) Has endodermal origin
(d) None of these
(e) All of these

17) True metaneric segmentation is characteristic of:
(a) Molluses  (b) Annelida  (c) Arthropoda (d) None of these

18) Hollow dorsal nervous system is present in:
(a) Amphiexus (b) Fish (c) Mammals (c) None of these
(e) All of these

19) Contractile vacuole in protozoa is mainly responsible for:
(a) Excretion (b) Osmoregulation  (c) respiration (d) None of these

20) Scorpion is included in:
(a) Insecta (b) Arachnida  (c) Echinodermata (d) None of these

21) Cell membrane is formed of:
(a) Carbohydrate (b) Lipid  (c) Protein
(d) Lipoprotein (e) None of these

22) Electron transport chain reaction occur in:
(a) Cell membrane (b) Cell wall (c) Endoplasm
(d) Mitochondrion (e) None of these

23) Ribosomes in cell are responsible for:
(a) Protein formation (b) Glycolysis (c) Lipid breakdown
(d) All of these (e) None of these

24) Golgi complex is responsible for:
(a) Carbohydrate metabolism (b) Protein synthesis (c) Lipid synthesis
(d) None of these (e) All of these

25) Basic excretory chemicals in all the cells is:
(a) Urea (b) Uric acid (c) Ammonia
(d) None of these (e) All of these

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Solved MCQs Past Papers Notes for Lecturer Botany Test

Solved MCQs Past Papers Notes for Lecturer Botany Test

PPSC FPSC Lecturer Botany MCQs Past Papers

1. The study of algae is known as

2. Devil’s Apria is the common name of

3. Which is the common name of Hydnum
Hedgehog fungi

4. Coal is formed by

5. Which is the smallest gymnosperm
Zamia pygmaea

6. Iodine is obtained from

7.Origin and evolution of sex in algae is best seen in
Green algae

8.The protonema is a stage in the life cycle of

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9.The first land inhabitant plants are

10.Spore baring leaf is called

11. The dominant generation in Pteridophyte is

12.An example of fungus like protist is

13. The number of plant species of liverworts is about

14.The example of leafy liverwort is

15.Pteropsida is divided into
Three Classes

16.An ostrich fern is an example of

17.The scientific name of strawberry is

18. Tobacco pipes are made from the wood
Pyrus pashia

19.The scientific name of brinjal is

Solanum melongena

20.Petunia belongs to the family

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