Sociology Solved MCQs Related to Individual And Society

Sociology Solved MCQs Related to Individual And Society

Q 1: Who among the following is odd one?
(a) Colley (b) Mead
(c) Parsons (d) Durkheim

Q2: Who viewed expectation and inspiration as the two main
bases of socialization and learning?
(a) Parsons (b) Mead
(c) J.Piaget (d) social Process

Q 3: Suggestion is one of the basic principles of..
(a) human behavior (b) class
(c) socialization (d) social process

Q 4: An individual starts learning from..
(a) mother’s (b) childhood
(c) adulthood (d) adolescence

Q 5: Socialization is a process involving..
(a) Gradual chaining of organism
(b) Training to adopt to the society
(c) Setting up of social norms
(d) Declaring everything as belonging to society

Q 6: According to whom, ”suggestion is the cognitive aspect of
the gregarious instincts”?
(a) Ross (b) Ma clver
(c) Thouless (d) Parsons

Q.7: ‘Looking glass self’ is a socialization process which
essentially means..
(a) a self perception of what other think of us
(b) a true judgment of approval and disapproval

Q8: Who said that socialization takes place through two major
mechanism identification and repression?
(a) M. Mead (b) Tonnies
(c) S. Freud (d) Sumner

Q9: Primary socialization take place during infancy, usually
(a) Family (b) Community
(c) Out group (d) Mother’s care

Q10: Socialization is a process of converting a biological
organism into..
(a) Modern man (b) Primitive man
(c) Human being (d) social man

1) d 2) a 3) c 4) b 5) b 6) a 7) a 8) a 9) a 10) d

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