Introduction to Sociology Solved Multiple Choice Questions With Answers

Social Sciences Multiple Choice Questions Answers

Introduction to Sociology Solved Multiple Choice Questions With Answers

Q 1: Which of the social philosophers called sociology ”Social
(a) August (b) Wolfed Pareto
(c) Mac lver (d) Herbert Spencer

Q 2: ”Main is a social animal” are the famous word of:
(a) Aristotle (b) Cristo (c) Spencer (d) Plato

Q 3: Sociology is the study of:
(a) Socio-political institutions (b) Political system
(c) Human behavior (d) Society

Q 4: Who defined sociology as a science for scientific social
(a) August Comte (b) G.D. Mitchell
(c) Montesquieu (d) J.B. Mckee

Q 5: Which of the following statements is more correct?
(a) Sociology is a natural science
(b) Sociology is a social science
(c)Sociology is an applied science
(d) Sociology is a normative science

Q 6 : Sociology ”attempts the interpretative understanding of
social man said so?
(a) Mac lver (b) Max Weber
(c) T. Abel (d) W.F. Ogburn

Q 7: Sociology is a ‘value free science’ who said so?
(a) August Comte (b) Emile Durkheim
(c) Herbert (d) Max Weber

Q 8: The word ”Sociology” is derived from..
(a) Latin Word (b) Greek word
(c) A. Latin & Greek word (d) None of these

Q 9 : Who has defined sociology as a branch of study attempting
the interpretative understanding of social action?
(a) Kimball (b) Raymond Aron
(c) L.F. Ward (d) Max weber

Q 10: Sociology is the study of.
(a) the individual (b) groups
(c) Society & social institution (d) the state

Q 11: The term ”Sociology” was first coined by..
(a) charls Darwin (b) Max weber
(c) Emile (d) Auguste Compte

Q 12: The principle of natural selection was first applied in
sociology by..
(a) Herbert Spencer (b) Radcliffe-Brown
(c) Von weise (d) Tonnies

Q 13: Which of the following does not belong to the
Synthetic School?
(a) Hobhouse (b) Mannheim
(c) J.B. Mekee (d)Von Weise

Q14: The Greek thinkers Plato and Aristotle gave primacy to…..
a) The individual b) Religion
c) society d) The state

1) a 2) a 3) d 4) a 5) b 6) a 7) b 8) c 9) a 10) a 11) d
12) c 13) d 1 4) c

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