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1. In constitution 1973 who were declared none Muslims?
a. Qadiyanis
b. Hindus
c. Christians
d. Jews

Ans: A

2. Pakistan’s National Flag was prepared by?
a. Abdur-rehaman Chugtai
B. Liaqat Ali
C. Chaudhary Rehmat Ali
D. Ameer-ud-din Qadwai


3. Allama Muhammad Iqbal delivered his famous Allahabad Address in?
a. 1929
B. 1930
C. 1931
D. 1932

Ans: B

4. The members of Punjab Assembly are?
a. 275
B. 371
C. 237
D. 100

Ans: B

5. ICT stands for?
a. Islamabad capital total
B. Islamabad city tribes
C. Islamabad Capital Territory
D. Islamabad city territory

Ans: C

6. First Census was held in Pakistan in the year?
a. 1950
B. 1951
C. 1952
D. 1953

Ans: B

7. Who is the first Punjab poet?
a. Baba Farid
B. Shah Hussain
C. Bullhay Shah
D. None of them

Ans: A

8. Which is the first book of Pushto language?
a. Pata Khazana
B. Tazkra-tul-Aulia
C. Jat di Kartut
D. Aasar-ul-Sanadeed

Ans: A

9. In which year was OIC founded?
a. 1970
B. 1975
C. 1980
D. 1969

Ans: D

10.GHQ Stands for:
a. General Head Quarters
B. General High Quarters
C. General High Quartermaster
D. None of them

Ans: A

11.Bala Hisar Fort is located in?
a. Peshawar
B. Swat
C. Mardan
D. Dir

Ans: A

12.Shah Jahan Mosque is located in?
a. Thatta
B. Jacobabad
C. Sibi
D. Larkana

Ans: A

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