Multiple Choice Questions Practice Test Paper about European History

Multiple Choice Questions Practice Test Paper about European History

(1) The treaty signed between the Allied forces and Austria was:

(a) The Treaty of Versailles (b) The treaty of St.Germain (c) The Treaty of Neuilly.

(2) Who was appointed as Chairman of Revolutionary War Council by Lenin in 1918.

(a) Stalin (b) Trotsky (c) Kerensky

(3) The Fort of Verdun is situated in:

(a) Belgium (b) Germany. (c) France

(4) The Battle of Somme was ,fought. in:

(a)1914 . (b) 1915 (c) 1916

(5) Foch was a:

(a) French Commander (b) German Minister (c) Russian Politician

(6) The Treaty of Trianon was signed in:

(a) 1919 (b) 1920 (c) 1921

(7) Clemenceau became the Prime Minister of France in:

(a) 1917 (b) 1918 (c) 1919

(8) Pichon was a:

(a} British Commander (b) Italian War Minister (c) French Foreign Minister

(9) Great Game, now forever discredited”. These words were spoken at Paris Conference by:

(a) Clemenceau (b) Wilson (c) Orlando

(10) The Weimar Republic fell in:

(a) 1931 (b) 1933 (c) 1935

(11) The ship ‘Athenia’ sunk by German Torpedo. in. 1939 belonged to:

(a) France (b) Italy (c) Britain

(12) Blitzkrieg was :

(a) AnItalian War Operation (b) French war tactics (c) . German War technique

(13) The Bold Proposal that Britain and France should become country was put-forward in 1940 by:

(a) Churchill (b) Petain (c) Paul Reynaud

(14) The judicial Organ of the League of Nations was called:

(a) International Court of Justice (b) United International Court of Justice (c) Permanent International Court of Justice

(15) Graf Spree was a small battle-ship used by:

(a) Italy (b) Japan (c) Germany

(16) The author of the book “Europe in the Twentieth Century” is:

(a) D. Thompson (b) Agatha Ramm (c)Stuart. T. Miller

(17) “Russian Peoples.’ worst misfortune was his (Lenin’s) birth; their next worse- his death” This was stated by:

(a) De Gaulle: (b) Churchill (c) Wilson

(18) Japan attacked the American fleet at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii On:

(a) 7th December 1941 (b) 17th December 1941 (c) 27th December 194I

(19) Yalta Conference took place in:

(a) January 1945 (c) March 1945 (b) February 1945

(20) Greece joined NATO in: –

(a) 1951 (b) 1952 (c) 1953