Situational Judgment Test SJT-318 Format Sample Questions

Situational Judgment Test (SJT-318)
This test consists of fifty short descriptions of problem situations.
Each of them is followed by two questions.
Total 100 questions.
90 minutes to complete this test.
Sample Question:
You and a co-worker are working on a complex project that demands a great deal of effort from both of you. Your co-worker is frequently absent as a result of burnout and stress from his personal problems. You do not know much about the circumstances, nor have you known him for long. Your co-worker contributes very little to the project, and, as a result, you are putting in an excessive amount of overtime in order to keep the project moving ahead. You feel that your health may begin to suffer if you continue to work as many hours.
Q.1 The most effective response to this situation would be:
Q.2 The least effective response to this situation would be:
  1. Ask other co-workers to help you manage your workload.
  2. Raise the issue with your manager and request additional help to ensure that the project is completed on schedule.
  3. Meet with your co-worker to request that he does his share of the work.
  4. Continue to put in overtime to keep the project moving ahead.
  5. Offer to help your co-worker deal with his personal problems.
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