European History Solved MCQS PDF

European History Solved MCQS PDF

(1) Wilson’s Fourteen Points were announced in:
Ans. 1918

(2) The treaty of Neuilly was made by the victorious powers with:
Ans. Bulgaria

(3) Locarno Pact was signed in:
Ans. 1925

(4) The other name of the Kellogg Pact was:
Ans. Pact of Paris

(5) The Headquarters of the League of Nations stationed at:
Ans. Geneva

(6) Burma got independence from England in:
Ans. 4 January 1948

(7) On death, Lenin was replaced by:
Ans. Stalin

(8) Albania was annexed by Italy in:
Ans. 1939

(9) Germany annexed Austria in:
Ans. 1938

(10) The author(s) of the Book “Europe Since Napoleon” is/are:
Ans. David Thomson

(11) The Headquarters of the UNO are placed at:
Ans. New York

(12) The Marshall Plan was adopted in:
Ans. 1948

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