PPSC Sample One Paper MCQs Test With Answers

PPSC Sample One Paper MCQs Test With Answers, Punjab Public Service Commission Lahore Online Preparation of One Paper Tests Examinations MCQs Type Questions download in pdf 1.Nicosia is the capital ...
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European History Solved MCQS PDF

European History Solved MCQS PDF

(1) Wilson’s Fourteen Points were announced in:
Ans. 1918

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(2) The treaty of Neuilly was made by the victorious powers with:
Ans. Bulgaria

(3) Locarno Pact was signed in:
Ans. 1925

(4) The other name of the Kellogg Pact was:
Ans. Pact of Paris

(5) The Headquarters of the League of Nations stationed at:
Ans. Geneva

(6) Burma got independence from England in:
Ans. 4 January 1948

(7) On death, Lenin was replaced by:
Ans. Stalin

(8) Albania was annexed by Italy in:
Ans. 1939

(9) Germany annexed Austria in:
Ans. 1938

(10) The author(s) of the Book “Europe Since Napoleon” is/are:
Ans. David Thomson

(11) The Headquarters of the UNO are placed at:
Ans. New York

(12) The Marshall Plan was adopted in:
Ans. 1948

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